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ETERNELLE Organic Skincare review

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To be honest, the reason I have faith to check out and try this product because it is based with Organic! You know lahh this day, there is soo many product that you can get on the market works effectively yet contain to many chemicals that can make your skin worst in the future. So, it is really important to ensure that you choose a good skincare. With ETERNELLE Skincare Series you don't have to doubt about it. It is inspired by the traditional Japanese use of high quality, yet effective natural botanical elements. Formulated as pure, organic and all natural to nourish your skin with maximum benefits regardless of skin type. This product definitely suitable for our humid weather in Malaysia. This will not only help revitalize your skin to regain and retain its youthful glow and also improve the health of your skin in the long run with continuous application. 

Just be comfortable in your own skin and stay confident!

ETERNELLE Skincare Series contain of 4 amazing products
1. CLEANSE Facial Collagen Cleanser
This cleanser is less foam which is good because normally when cleanser are to much foaming there's chemical involves. In this contain collagen goodness and formulated able to cleans your face clearly where it can remove your makeup, oil, dirt and impurities. Not only that it also will let your skin feel more soft, supple, moisturized and revitalized. Best to used day and night means twice time a day.

Price: RM34.90/ 80ml

2. LUSTRE Intensive Hydrating Serum
This serum help to hydrate your skin and replenishes moisture reserves. Its lightweight and no greasy feel. This serum also super intensive where you just have to wait your skin for MIRACLE and TOUCHE to works its best. You just need 2 drops in the palms and rub palms together then spread evenly starting from neck upwards to stimulate blood flow. You don't have to apply to much okeh. 2 drops is enough!

Price: RM79.90/ 15ml

3. MIRACLE Instant Lift & Firm
Woww, I ws quite surprise when I saw the demo for this. MIRACLE is an exclusive anti-aging formula that gives a lifted, tightened, more youthful appearance. Contain of organic extracts with combination of Bee Venom create intensive restorative effects of natural firmness that considerably reduce sagging skin and drooping lines instantaneously. The innovative container with massaging point help the application to give the immediate lift and firming affect to the skin. This is very easy to used, by using the applicator, apply MIRACLE on targeted areas and massage in a circular motion to the tergeted parts only such as wrinkles. You can see the result immediately! No jokes!

Price: RM112.90/15ml

4. TOUCHE High Performance Foundation (SPF 30)
TOUCHE is high performing foundation that complements various facial tone color and skin type. When applied, the texture lightweight like a second skin. Fragrance free, TOUCHE is enough to keep you fresh and made-up all day without the hassle of smudges and sweat marks. Just simply pat and spread a thinly layer evenly onto face and neck as last step of skin care application during the day.

Price: RM79.90/30ml

I'm totally love this ETERNELLE Touche ni! I use it frequently and it is also in my Monthly Favorite post for March! Just love how the texture and this definitely suitable for daily. By the way, all the products is practically eco-friendly because they prepare a refill pack for the product where you can purchase the refill pack after you finished the whole package. 

If you interested to buy ETERNELLE Organic Skincare products you can directly go to their website .

I got a good news for all my blog readers.
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Goodluck guys!

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