Sunday, March 20, 2016

Win RM2000 CASH Prizes + RM500 worth of product from Sweedskin #BeautyBehindPassion

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Tengok tajuk pun dah teruja kan!! Hehehee.. Have you heard about Sweedskin products before?
Sweedskin is actually products to embrace the existence of nature’s benefits by extracting its magical reaction and use it to the benefits of human health and beauty. Each product comes with firm scientific facts and evidence through in vitro and in vivo test.

Let me show you some of Sweedskin Products and their functions. 

Age Reversing Serum: With this extremely nourishing and ultra-rich serum it helps to reduce existing visible wrinkles/ fine lines and restore skin's comfort. Instantly skin feels firmer, plumper, lifted, leaving your skin smoother, supple and younger looking skin.

Luminous Purifying Cleanser: Luminous Purifying Cleanser is the most valuable facial cleanser to maintain your natural healthy skin. It deeply cleanses and hydrates your skin in a mild yet efficient way, leaving your skin feeling fresh, supple and revived.

Skin Activator: Experience an idea daily touch facial mist to clean, clarify and refresh your delicate skin. It is a non-drying facial mist formulated to restor skin's comfort by removing impurities, soothes and hydrates your skin.

UV Protection Day Cream SPF30: Natural and silicone free sunscreen with SPF30 helps to restore vitality and healthy skin. This luxuriously rich cream provides sun protection, hydration and intensively nourishing your skin, keeps your skin protected from UV rays and moisturize all day long.

Brightening Serum: A serum formulated to restore a luminous and healthy glow to skin while leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother and progressively reveal the skin's natural youthful look, and the skin looks radiant again!

Luminous Moisturizer Serum: Experience the ultimate in skin hydration. This intensive hydrating serum instantly absorbs into the skin and offers instant, immediate and sustainable hydration, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Sebum Reducer Serum: Specially formulated this exclusive non-greasy sebum control serum for oily/ acne prone skin. It helps to reduce excess sebum secretion to avoid enlarged pores, shiny patches and improved the skin's appearance and texture.

Here’s the thing! Sweedskin is having a contest and you’ll be able to win CASH worth of RM2000 + Sweedskin Products (worth of RM500)

Tempting right??!!

How to join this CONTEST?
1) Just simply upload a photo of yourself with a caption of your successful story. Don't have to be so long lah. Make it simple and easy yet meaningful. You can submit more than one photo, no limit!
2) Put a hashtag #BeautyBehindPassion to your post
3) DONE! You're officially participated for this contest. Bonus if you follow @sweedskin on Instagram

This contest runs for 4 weeks starting from 20th March until 17th April  2016

After that, 200 finalists will be selected and invited to join Sweedskin launching event and each finalist will go home with the trial pack of Sweedskin products.

The 200 selected finalists need to upload an “unboxing” photo/video of the Sweedskin products and take the challenge by using the products within 2 weeks. Then, post their experience or anything with the products on the Instagram.

   5 lucky winners will be going home with RM2000 CASH + Sweedskin Products (worth RM500). Not only that, they also will be joining the Sweedskin road tour around Malaysia with the ambassador of Sweedskin, Syamim Farid. AUWMMM.. Hehehee..

I’m thinking of joining this CONTEST already! Siapa nak bagi RM2000 CASH siap dapat products lagi tuu.. 
Jom la ramai-ramai join.. Mana lah tahu ada rezeki kita kan.. GOODLUCK!

For more info about Sweedskin:-
Instagram: @sweedskin

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Nk join jugaa nnti. Tp pic kite tu xpyh with product kan?

    1. Tak payah. Just share any picture of you. Selfie ke posing pape and tell us the story of your successful. Put hashtag #BeautyBehindPassion tu and done! Jom masuk sbb pika pun join nnti ni..