Monday, February 29, 2016

WIW: Not too formal

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Alkisah, Hehehee.. Kak Lyza Fisol and her husband told me about Careers and study Fair happen at KLCC last Saturday and Sunday (20 & 21 February 2016). Since I've done with my study so I was like, why not just give a try to it kan. Pergi je lahh.. I went there with my bestestfriend and we trying our luck over there. Means like prepare je resume and everything. I'm glad I'm going to that event because I got an experience on how hard it is to find a job nowadays. Hahahaa.. Especially in my field of study.. Kahkahkahh.. Goodluck ye pika! NGEEE..

I have not intention to story about the event actually, Hahaha.. I just want to tell about my habit when choosing outfit. I was so blur that day! what should I wear? wha proper for me to wear? I have no cloth! Arghhh! I'm planning to put on outfit that not to formal yet not to fancy at the same time. My eye was scanning my wardrobe which one should I wear. Arghh.. Confuse in many ways! Hahaha.. You know la how girl get annoy when they choosing their outfit. Kahkahkahh.. 

and guess what??!! I end up looking formal.. errr~

What I wear:-
Scarf: @farismahijab
Blouse: Poplook
Skirt: Unbranded
Handbag: Mango Tote

 Look at my view! KLCC Twin Tower

Surprisingly, I bump into my old blogger friends, Anis Athia! She no longer active right now maybe due to her tight schedule of study. I feel you babe! Hehehee.. Best sangat jumpa dia walaupun sekejap sebab Pika boleh tahan rapat la jugak dengan Anis ni. She soo nice and always innocent! Goodluck anis..

Till then, xoxo

Have a great day!

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Eh, ada gambar kita la ^_^ Lepas jumpa pika, dah datang balik da mood blogging.. tehee >_< Ada rezeki jumpa lagi.. Good luck to you and your bestestfriend :D

    1. Uwahh!! yeayy.. macam tu la best nak dengar. bagus bagus jum kembali active blog now. We support each other k. Hahaha.. Thank youuu..