Friday, February 26, 2016

More DIY Project upcoming~

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

I received so many good response from my previous DIY Project recently. I feel so happy. Thank you for everyone who come and drop by my entry recently. I hope the entry are useful for everyone! The reason why I started to think of DIY Project is that I've got nothing to do at home and my current mood is to decorating my room. I was looking for something more simple and clean finish for my room. A lot of things need to be done but everything done with slowly and sabar. Takde benda yang datang sekelip mata. Usaha dan sabar! InshaaAllah. Heee.. Today, I just finish spray paint my old almari into white version. I'm quite satisfied with the finished look. Yiihaaa.. Check out the video on my instagram HERE.. Excited to decorate my room! Weee~ If I'm able to finish everything, I'm planning for room tour video. Are you excited??? Hehehee.. Wait yahhh.. 

Recently purchase what I need for DIY Project. I'm just so excited. Hehehee.. If you looking for something useful for decorating your room and you are under budget go check out Mr.DIY and Daiso. This two shop sell many good stuff where you can easily get and find it useful. Plus it served with a cheap or lowest price I can say. Sekarang ekonomi tak berapa nak stabil kan, so better berjimat and find something is lowest cost as possible. Kalau mahal berbaloi then its fine! Hehehee.. Next, I suggest Kaison, this shop kalau you masuk macam kena "rasuk" taw! Hahahaa.. Semua you nak beli but again I say, Find something worth of money okehh.. Be smart!

Anyway, what ever you up to right now I hope everything went so well for you. Just Usaha and Sabar okay. Goodluck! Hehehee.. Cureently planning more for DIY Project. Including for Fashion too! Excited?? Me too! Hehehee.. Please keep support me k :)

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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