Thursday, January 28, 2016

WIW: Black Grid with Pink

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I'm still unpack all my stuff on my room right now. Believe it or not??! I arrived at my house on Tuesday and almost Friday I still organize this and that. Imagine how many stuff that I got that need to be organize on my room. By the way, I don't mind because I'm on holiday now and I've got nothing to do rather than just relax for a moment before I finally decided to find a job. Give a break at least. Hehehee.. I'm planning on deco my room! Searching what design should I do.. weee~

Okay, enough with the intro there. Hahahaa.. Proceed to the main idea here. Another outfit post. This time featuring the famous grid blouse. Hahaha.. You can see so many people wearing grid blouse either in white black or grey. I got the grid blouse as well in white and black but for this outfit post I'm wearing in black grid blouse. The material is chiffon and a little bit see-thru so I need to wear inner. Glad that I finally found a comfortable inner wear from Uniqlo. You can read about it HERE. By the way, this outfit I'm wearing during the farewell time for my Staycation at Ajlaa Village. So the view featuring the beautiful and Peaceful Ajlaa Village. Hee..

What I Wear:-
Scarf: Market's
Grid Blouse: Scarlet
Skirt: Unbranded
Handbag: Carlo Rino

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. i rasa i nmpk u kat starbucks sunway putra last friday.haha.btul ke?