Tuesday, January 05, 2016

WhatsUp JB: Food Hunting time at Lokap Cafe and The Ice-Cream Project [TIP]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
This post is the continue from THIS POST. As for the second day (29 November 2015) we went for FOOD HUNTING. You can find a lot of "hipster cafe" at JB right now. Woww.. So, we tried the one that recommended by our friend and some we just saw what we want. Hehehe.. So, this post is basically FOODIES section as well. NGEEHEE~

Lokap Cafe, JB
Fried Squid 
Spaghetti Carbonara
This is hipster cafe you can find in JB where the themed of their restaurant is "PRISON". Hahaha.. Imagine you eat in the prison something like that. Hahhaa.. But the menu is not like in the prison of course. They claimed that their menu is selected from the great quality from western food to local food. Their idea is good and the food also nice but they sill need some improvement in term of services and food tasting. The price is quite expensive but some of it reasonable to try like Meatloaf. The gravy for the meatloaf is awesome. I like it. The spaghetti quite nice but need more ingredient instead of veggies! Hehehe.. I would not recommended for you to order fruits drink because they only use cordial not real fruits so don't be like us. better order something worth to drink. lychee maybe? Hehee.. Rate I can give 3.5/5 star. But the concept is nice but still need more improvement. 

TIP- The Ice-Cream Project, JB
Butterscotch - RM14
Brownie & Cream - RM14

Woww, If you look at the price of the ice-cream it is quite pricey. Hehee But it taste sooo good that you don't even brother to pay that much. But obviously for sometime is will be okay. Actually, we found this place near by with the Lokap Cafe and you know me and ice-cream is so unbeatable. Hahhaa. I love ICE-CREAM!! What so special of this place is they serve a home made ice-cream yeahh. You can see they made the ice-cream in front of your eyes. They used nitrogen liquid for froze it. The taste is great! delicious. I would come again to this place if I'm at JB. Hehehe..But I don't like the lighthing seem so dim and most of picture came out dim as well. Ngee  

This trip is continued for more fun activities on the next day, where we go to DESARU, Johor. Yeayy.. Will update about it on the next post. 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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