Sunday, January 10, 2016

Whats Up JB: Pantai Desaru, Putu Bambu Juriah, Nasi Lemak Cik Chom

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
We're ready for picnic and beach time! 
This is the countinue post from HERE. I guess this is the last post for Whats Up JB last year. On 30 November 2015 we went to Desaru Beach! This is my first time here or I've been before maybe during my childhood moment which I could't remember very well. Desaru is popular with the beautiful scenery on beach. I was amaze with the wave it is so high and deep! Previously I only saw beach with small wave except in Bali. Hihihiii.. The beach si beautiful. We arrived at 11.30am can you imagine how the sun condition at that time. Hahaha.. You can tell on the picture that it is so damn hot! Hahhaaa.. Buang terbiat mandi pandai tengah hari buteee!

we spend most of the day at Desaru. Balik tu semua burnt! Hahahhaaa.. It was a very "santai" moment. My friends bring along her's nephew so the fun is double because you know lah know la how kids react with beach. The become more excited then ever~~

1st December 2015 it is the time for us to take our step and go back to Melaka. Thank you very much to Tyara and her family for all the great facilities they provided for us. Feels like home! Her mom cooks was delicious. Thank you thank you... May Allah bless your family. Amiin!

On our back to Melaka we stop by at this popular place for putu bambu. I wonder why it is so popular. The putu bambu deliciously! I also buy tha Durian Crepe and it taste great as well! Totally recommended for you to stop by at Putu Bambu Juriah, Ayer Hitam. Memang best..

Hahahaa.. I best so many people recognize this place already right. Nasi Lemak Cik Chom. They onlyserve Nasi Lemak with Sotong Raja, Ayam and Ikan Siakap. On the day I try the Nasi Lemak Sotong Raja and also try the Nasi Lemak Ikan Siakap. The Sotong Raja was not bad. Okay lahh and the siakap for me to biasa. Ikan dia pun xde rasa sangat means it is not perap very well something like that. When you eat you can feel something missing gittu. Hehehe.. The drinks all come in huge glass. Either you choose milo ais or limau ais or any fruits drink they all come in the Gelas Besar. That day I counld' finish my food. Kenyang sangat. hehehe.. Portion of the food okay lahh.. Hehee.. Well, they have their own identity. This place is so crowded with people and finish early so if you want to try you better come early. For me, I would suggets Nasi Lemak Wak Ketut better. NGEEE..

Its a WRAP for Whats Up JB. Maybe if I'm able to go to JB again I will update more about it.

Till then. xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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