Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Foodies: CORM Cafe, Jasin Melaka

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
This my third trial come to CORM Cafe and its open. Everytime I come here this cafe happen to be closed or it is just not our luck. Hahaha. Since I'm studying at Jasin, Melaka. This is quite cool spot to hangout and consider as hipster cafe in Jasin Melaka. But they consider themselves as indie cafe. Since this is my final year and I'm only left a few week before I leave Melaka I want to try this cafe.
This cafe located at Jasin near by Mydin Jasin 

The interior design and concept of this cafe really awesome and I surely like it. It is cozy and comfortable to hang out with you friends and have some chit-chat moment. 

Here the menu that available at the cafe. I can say I've tried most of them.. Hahaha.. Consider you can see that the price for each meal is very affordable for cafe price. I hope this price remain the same! because it is super good!

peppermint choc - RM5

Coklat 77000 Panas - RM5

Mocha - RM5

Spagetthi Carbonara - RM8
I can tell, this is the only expensive meal they have in the manu. Hehehee.. Very affordable kan. The taste quite good. But I can feel some upmmh missing but anyway it is just good or maybe I was the only person wish there is more. Maybe. *recommended. 

Tortilla - RM6
I like the sauce! You can choose either ayam, daging or mix. This deliciously good.. I wish the filling of it much more because it is so delicious and the tortilla wrap was so crispy. YUMM! come with nachos. love this combo *recommended.

Roti Kahwin - RM2
Just a toast bread with kaya and majerin in it.

Cakoi Super - RM5
This is special cakoi where they put eggs in it like roti join I guess. I never try any food like this before. Great idea by the way. *recommended

Cakoi Klasik - RM3
like normal cakoi you can get out there. Yumm..

Brownies - RM5
I like this duo with ice-cream! Yummm... *recommended 

Cheese Cake - RM5
It is real cheese cake and taste good! I guess it is berry cheese cake like that. *recommended 

I was so full that night try so many meals. I really like every meals I order. Taste freaking delicious.
Happen to be my friend, Biah come to Melaka for her short getaway katanya. Maka kami pun berjumpa dan bercanda di CORM Cafe. Hehehee.. Munchkinn aku sorang ni! Hehehee..

Here their operation hours

If you happen to be at Jasin, Melaka do stop by at CORM Cafe. Try yourself their menu and hangout with le Family and friends. Okay. Totally recommended. Will come again next time. InshaaAllah.

Till then. xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^