Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Benefits of Lemons

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone

So I came across reading about Lemons. I mean you can find so many benefits of Lemons. My dad is one of lemons lover because he love to make lemon with honey drinks every morning. I just drink what he make. MUEHEHEHEE,,, So, I read this great article shared in Facebook and I would like to inform to all my readers about the benefits as well, why not right? This is a good information for all of us to stay healthy and beauty! For you information Lemon has good anti-bacterial and anti-viral that can boost immune system. Make you body system much better. This is good for those who on diet or planning losing weight (like me)

Lemon contain acid citric, Cal, Mg, Vit.C, and more. This is good where we can obtain this vitamin directly and organically. Drinks lemons when you wakeup on the morning is good where it will avoid you from any stomach problem like gastric and "kembung perut". To prove this statement, I tried myself. I used to easy get 'Kembung Perut' (badan mudah masuk angin orang kata) because not-consistent meals intake (don't follow me). So I start to change my breakfast by adding lemon drink once I wakeup and I do find some changes for this. It also claimed to give some energy to our body.

I'm currently practice this in my morning routine but you know lahh sometimes I also forget or I'm in a rush I don't have time to prepare this and that but just as a tips for you, You can prepare the lemon drink during night time before bed and put it on your refrigerator. By the morning you will have a cooled-lemon drink! YUMSS..

Plus, drink lemon in morning is good for beauty purpose as well where is provide original vitamin C! Which I need it!! I don't take any supplement but this will be the best substitute for any supplements I guess plust it is original and pure based. The mineral contain in lemon is high and more like alkaline that can help to detoxify any excessive acids in our body. Overall, this is really good for detox your body!

Ehee.. Minum lemon pun nak selfie ye. Pardon my eyebags. Lack of sleep due to study for final examination. Good news now its over. Hopefully everything went so well. Amiin. Back to the story here. NGEE..

As you can tell, it give great benefits for your body and beauty purposes, I bet you familiar with lemons that can help to reduce acne problems. Can help in losing weight and more I mean this one yellow fruits have so many benefits. Research also shows that Lemons is good to fight cancer. The rest of it you can find more article about Lemons.

I hope this help us in so many ways, The reason I wrote this is to inform you guys and persuade to start take lemons as you breakfast or morning routine. I bet this will show some changes in your health and beauty. InshaaAllah. Plus don't forget to pray from the One and Only, Allah/ God for the best especially in health.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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  1. baru nak start minum honey lemon every morning...hehe..good sharing pika!