Thursday, January 28, 2016

WIW: Black Grid with Pink

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I'm still unpack all my stuff on my room right now. Believe it or not??! I arrived at my house on Tuesday and almost Friday I still organize this and that. Imagine how many stuff that I got that need to be organize on my room. By the way, I don't mind because I'm on holiday now and I've got nothing to do rather than just relax for a moment before I finally decided to find a job. Give a break at least. Hehehee.. I'm planning on deco my room! Searching what design should I do.. weee~

Okay, enough with the intro there. Hahahaa.. Proceed to the main idea here. Another outfit post. This time featuring the famous grid blouse. Hahaha.. You can see so many people wearing grid blouse either in white black or grey. I got the grid blouse as well in white and black but for this outfit post I'm wearing in black grid blouse. The material is chiffon and a little bit see-thru so I need to wear inner. Glad that I finally found a comfortable inner wear from Uniqlo. You can read about it HERE. By the way, this outfit I'm wearing during the farewell time for my Staycation at Ajlaa Village. So the view featuring the beautiful and Peaceful Ajlaa Village. Hee..

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Staycation at Ajlaa Village, Hulu Langat

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Last 2 weeks on 16 & 17 Januray 2016, I having an awesome Gather with my blogger friends. I'm glad that I'm able to join this great Staycation at AJLAA VILLAGE. Thanks Kak Ayna for inviting me. (The date was actually a gap from papers for my finals but I insist to join jugakk! Hahaha..) Glad I have so much fun! The journey begins from Melaka. Hahaha.. I'm from Melaka that day taking bus from Melaka Central - TBS and next "adventure" for me taking KTM to Kajang. Glad my loving Ahkak Suzai willing to pick me up. FUhh~ And the journey to Hulu Langat together with Cik Lily Putih.. On our way to Hulu Langat we keep talking about FOOD NON-STOP! Hahahaa.. Its funny that we still have the same interest plus pika memang laparrrr..Hahahaaa. By the way, I cannot do an live update that time because there is no coverage for Digi here. Hahaha.. Yellow Man lari pergi mana tah. But it is okay with Celcom and Maxis. Hahhaa.. Sweet escape from social media life and look for reality!

WIW: Looseness with Daisy Purple

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Finally, my holiday has begin! I was so glad that everything went so well and nice. I feel happy yet a bit sad to leave my friends. Anyway, Goodluck everyone! Due to Massiveness, Busyness, Clumsiness every "ness' hahahaa I finally able to post something on my blog. Hahaha.. Last 2 weeks I go for a shortgetaway with my blogger friends and it was fun! Here some teaser for it a.k.a outfit post that I wearing on the first day of my shortgetaway. I choose something comfortable and loose because I know I will walk a lot! Well, I'm travel from Melaka for this Staycation! Hahaa. Bersemangat kan. 
What I Wear:-
Scarf: Market's
Loose Blouse: Sister's 
Skirt: Unbranded
Bangle: Vincci Accessories

View credit to AJLAA VILLAGE!
I will blog about the fun moment later on okay. Still drafting and sorting. Hihihii..

Till then, xoxo

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Benefits of Lemons

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone

So I came across reading about Lemons. I mean you can find so many benefits of Lemons. My dad is one of lemons lover because he love to make lemon with honey drinks every morning. I just drink what he make. MUEHEHEHEE,,, So, I read this great article shared in Facebook and I would like to inform to all my readers about the benefits as well, why not right? This is a good information for all of us to stay healthy and beauty! For you information Lemon has good anti-bacterial and anti-viral that can boost immune system. Make you body system much better. This is good for those who on diet or planning losing weight (like me)

Lemon contain acid citric, Cal, Mg, Vit.C, and more. This is good where we can obtain this vitamin directly and organically. Drinks lemons when you wakeup on the morning is good where it will avoid you from any stomach problem like gastric and "kembung perut". To prove this statement, I tried myself. I used to easy get 'Kembung Perut' (badan mudah masuk angin orang kata) because not-consistent meals intake (don't follow me). So I start to change my breakfast by adding lemon drink once I wakeup and I do find some changes for this. It also claimed to give some energy to our body.

I'm currently practice this in my morning routine but you know lahh sometimes I also forget or I'm in a rush I don't have time to prepare this and that but just as a tips for you, You can prepare the lemon drink during night time before bed and put it on your refrigerator. By the morning you will have a cooled-lemon drink! YUMSS..

Plus, drink lemon in morning is good for beauty purpose as well where is provide original vitamin C! Which I need it!! I don't take any supplement but this will be the best substitute for any supplements I guess plust it is original and pure based. The mineral contain in lemon is high and more like alkaline that can help to detoxify any excessive acids in our body. Overall, this is really good for detox your body!

Ehee.. Minum lemon pun nak selfie ye. Pardon my eyebags. Lack of sleep due to study for final examination. Good news now its over. Hopefully everything went so well. Amiin. Back to the story here. NGEE..

As you can tell, it give great benefits for your body and beauty purposes, I bet you familiar with lemons that can help to reduce acne problems. Can help in losing weight and more I mean this one yellow fruits have so many benefits. Research also shows that Lemons is good to fight cancer. The rest of it you can find more article about Lemons.

I hope this help us in so many ways, The reason I wrote this is to inform you guys and persuade to start take lemons as you breakfast or morning routine. I bet this will show some changes in your health and beauty. InshaaAllah. Plus don't forget to pray from the One and Only, Allah/ God for the best especially in health.

Till then, xoxo

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

e.l.f. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Tomorrow my third paper for this finals semester guys, WISH ME LUCK please!
Since I'm in the middle of break now, so I decide to update one entry for today and I choose to share with you guys about e.l.f clear brow and lash mascara. Who does not know about brand e.l.f right? It is a drugstore brand that selling in cheap price but to bad this brand is quite difficult to get in Malaysia. You need to find trusted seller that make orders from Overseas. Makesure find seller you can trust and selling products with reasonable price. don't get scam by those who want more profits and selling the product with expensive price. Be reasonable. Hehee.. Talking based on my personal experience. 

This is how the e.l.f clear brow and lash mascara lookslike. Well, you can tell the formulation is in clear texture kinda gel in form like that. 

The brow bristle

The lash bristle (which I don't event used it) Hehee..

I purchase this on June 2015 (last year) and currently using this only for any occations. I don't really do my brow properly on daily basis means I just draw them a bit and brush emm away not applying this gel but I find this gel really helpful to ensure that your eyebrow stay-put in place. This gel is easy to apply since the color is trasparent make it even better for natural-looking brows. It will make the brow appear more neat. The price when I purchase is RM18.00 only I think it is value to buy compare to any other brow mascara out there but I wish the tube is not transparent color because the transparent gel will appear like "dirty" effect due to we apply after we draw/shaped our brow. Therefore, the packaging is so-so for me. Hehehe..  I don't really use the lash part because I don't find that it help in term of lifting my eyelash very well but it help my eyebrow's hair stay in place and I think the lash part is quite no use for me because I will use both for my eyebrow. Muehehehee.. 

Overall, I think it is worth to get if you able to get this easily. Or you can find any others brow mascara that clear and help you to achieve a natural look of eyebrow. I hope you find my review helpful. Ngeee..

Till then, xoxo

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Foodies: CORM Cafe, Jasin Melaka

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
This my third trial come to CORM Cafe and its open. Everytime I come here this cafe happen to be closed or it is just not our luck. Hahaha. Since I'm studying at Jasin, Melaka. This is quite cool spot to hangout and consider as hipster cafe in Jasin Melaka. But they consider themselves as indie cafe. Since this is my final year and I'm only left a few week before I leave Melaka I want to try this cafe.
This cafe located at Jasin near by Mydin Jasin 

The interior design and concept of this cafe really awesome and I surely like it. It is cozy and comfortable to hang out with you friends and have some chit-chat moment. 

Here the menu that available at the cafe. I can say I've tried most of them.. Hahaha.. Consider you can see that the price for each meal is very affordable for cafe price. I hope this price remain the same! because it is super good!

peppermint choc - RM5

Coklat 77000 Panas - RM5

Mocha - RM5

Spagetthi Carbonara - RM8
I can tell, this is the only expensive meal they have in the manu. Hehehee.. Very affordable kan. The taste quite good. But I can feel some upmmh missing but anyway it is just good or maybe I was the only person wish there is more. Maybe. *recommended. 

Tortilla - RM6
I like the sauce! You can choose either ayam, daging or mix. This deliciously good.. I wish the filling of it much more because it is so delicious and the tortilla wrap was so crispy. YUMM! come with nachos. love this combo *recommended.

Roti Kahwin - RM2
Just a toast bread with kaya and majerin in it.

Cakoi Super - RM5
This is special cakoi where they put eggs in it like roti join I guess. I never try any food like this before. Great idea by the way. *recommended

Cakoi Klasik - RM3
like normal cakoi you can get out there. Yumm..

Brownies - RM5
I like this duo with ice-cream! Yummm... *recommended 

Cheese Cake - RM5
It is real cheese cake and taste good! I guess it is berry cheese cake like that. *recommended 

I was so full that night try so many meals. I really like every meals I order. Taste freaking delicious.
Happen to be my friend, Biah come to Melaka for her short getaway katanya. Maka kami pun berjumpa dan bercanda di CORM Cafe. Hehehee.. Munchkinn aku sorang ni! Hehehee..

Here their operation hours

If you happen to be at Jasin, Melaka do stop by at CORM Cafe. Try yourself their menu and hangout with le Family and friends. Okay. Totally recommended. Will come again next time. InshaaAllah.

Till then. xoxo

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MAC Saigon Summer Lipstick review


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
If you been following me, Especially in Product review post I could not miss share about MAC Lipsticks right?? I was obsess with it. Everytime I stop at MAC Store I don't miss a chance to grab one but sometime datang main swatch-swatch lipstick je.. Ngeehee.. So, this is quite different from any other lipstick I owned from MAC because the texture is cremesheen formula. I never imagine to grab this but I get it anyway! Hahahaa..

To be honest, at first sight I kinda love it but when I try for the second time I hate it! Like I think it does not blends well with my lips something like that. So, I decide not to wear it for quite long time since I bought it and one day I accidentally grab this lipstick and put it on my makeup-pouch and go out. By the time I want to touch-up some lipstick I found that I bring the wrong shade! Hahahhaa.. But rather than look pale I just apply this lipstick. I was surprise that my friend compliment my lips that time. Because it seem natural yet orangy at the same time. I was sooo "kembang" la of course. Hahhaa.. I told them the story and I think I need to give some look to this lipstick back! Hahhaaa.. The main reason maybe because of the lasting and consistency of this lipstick on my lips not as good as other lipstick but ever since I start to love it. It does looks wonder on my lips. Hahhaaa *puji diri sendiri.. Lalalalalalaaa..

The color is sheen forsted bright orange. The color on the lipstick tube and on the lips appear differently because of the finish I guess. It glides smooth on my and and moisturize. Not that opaque where you still can see your original lips color I think it is semi-opaque. What I find a bit so-so that it leave some line-effect to my lips after a few hours of wearing. but still can be adjust. Ngeehee. It has shimmer! Yahhh! GOLD  shimmer. I think this lipstick will appear marvelous for event or any special occasion. I tried once apply Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 24 Carot Gold and I glides another layer of MAC Saigon Summer Lipstick it looks awesome! Will practice this method more soon. YUMSS. Overall, I think it is wearable color will look stunning for those who have fair-medium skin tone.

Price: RM74
Availability: MAC Store

Here how it looks on my lips. I can tell it give some big-lips effect to me. Currently trying to like it as much as possible. Hahaha. I don't want my money go waste for no reason. Because I love LIPSTICKS!!! Ehee..

Till then, xoxo

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Monday, January 11, 2016

WIW: Not-So-Boyfriends' shirts

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
I feel like dah lama nyaaaaaaaaa tak buat Outfit post! Hahahaaa.. So here some recent outfit post from me. We went for jalan-jalan melaka again and act like tourist. Hahaha. Never ending acting. Lalalalalaa.. That day I just finished my first paper. Ohh, just so you know that I'm currently in my Final Examination Months but right now 2 papers to go. Hehehe. Wish me luck! Anyway, back to my outifit post here, It is so casual that anyone can fit up with this look. I just paired my boyfriends' shirts that I got like 2 years ago with my skirt. You know me I can't get enough with skirt because I feel not so comfortable wearing pants with my no-so-beautiful-legs. Hahahaa.. WHy I mention not-so-Boyfriends' shirt ont he tittle? Normally when you wear boyfriends; shirt it should be baggy and big but when I'm wearing it, It look just nice for me. So, I hope you understand the meaning. NGEEHEE..

What I Wear:-
Shades: oakley
Shawl: dfashionig
Black inner: Uniqlo
Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: Unbranded
Handbag: Carlo Rino
Sandals: XES

Till then, xoxo

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

George Town by JoshLee Perfume review


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Have I've done any perfume review before? I don't think so. right? Hehehe.. Actually I do have several favorite perfume I owned. I'm a type of person who stick to one scent if I like it. I want it to be my signature scent. Today I would like to introduce to you about Malaysia local brand perfume. Yup! It becoming my all time favorite once I got it from Market 16 Jaya One last year. The perfume is George Town by JoshLee Perfume. It is a Heritage through scent a new fragrance for him and her. World's first heritage city fragrance. Since it fragrance I don't really know how to show your the smell. well, I don't think you can show smell right. Hahahaa.. So, I just give a few brief about this perfume. This perfume is actually specially created by Josh Lee, the award-winning Perfume Master from Top French Perfumery School. And mostly it is a local brand!

First of all, I like the packaging, It so beautiful and sleek! I like how the cover is made form wood and the color of perfume appear turquoise in the bottle. It come in 50ml size and eau de toilette that couls last on me about 4 hours. As claim that in the golden days of Colonial Penang, a merchant was sitting at the jetty while holding a cup of bergamot tea at dawn. While sipping the bergamot tea, which slowly diffused a refreshing and calming aroma, he looked out to the sea and watched the ship docking at port. The cold morning sir fused with tangy sea breeze brought him out to the spice trading scene where he experienced the fragrence of punget spices mingled with the heady scent of local flowers (hibiscus & rose) and woody scent from traditional houses in the vicinity. To him, this was the quintessential scent of George Town. Basically who from Penang will familiar with this situation right. 

You can tell I used it frequent because it almost half of the bottle right now.. My current go-to-perfume. Ehee~ I hope you like my review. I will share more about perfume I used my top favorites that I have right now and so on!

Till then, xoxo

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