Thursday, December 10, 2015

WhatsUpJB: ABC Kg.Melayu Majidee + DC Comics Super Hero Cafe + Danga Bay Theme Park and more


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Ready to read my journey to Johor recently? Hehehe.. Since my friend want to send his brother for registration at UiTM Pasir Gudang, Johor Bharu so we plan "short vacay" to Johor. Thank to my beautiful korean-look friend, Tyara and her family for accepting us sleeping at their home. So, dah jimat sikit dekat situ. Hehee.. We arrived at night and the next morning, wake-up and get ready for the journey. Hehee.. First, we send my friend's bother and then we went to Kg.Melayu, Majidee as our first stop. People said this place is famous with their ABC. Wondering why and let's have a try!

ABC Kg. Melayu Majidee
ABC Special - RM3.00
The ABC surely taste a little bit different compare to any other ABC I have try before. No wonder it is so well-known and a must-go-place when you at Johor Bharu. Surprise with the price as well. No mark-up or what so ever. It remains RM3 for ABC Special. Quite cheap!

 Here the place is. Called as Azmie Wawa dan Rakan-Rakan. Near the Masjid

Murtabak Daging Cheese Jumbo - RM20
Call as Jumbo because it quite big and suitable for 4 poeple to eat. What I attracted the most because of the cheese obviously. Hahahaa.. Nice and I like the idea. 

Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya 
Next we went for a walk at Puteri Habour, JB. Puteri Habour is the first marina in Malaysia located at Nusajaya Johor Bharu. It is a creation of the new world-class destination for tourist (including us. Hehee). Basically there is not much for us that time since we only come for a walk and glad that the view is beautiful. Suitable for those who interested for a walk and more-likely for santai. This place also popular for Wedding Photo-shoot. 

DC Comic Clothing Store and Cafe
Since the Little Red Cube is at the Puteri Harbour so we went for a walk and go to DC Comics Super Hero Cafe. For the fanatic DC Comics Super Hero you are more than welcome to try this. Overall, I really like the concept they try to serve where you eating while feeling like a Hero. Hehee.. The price is quite expensive but it is so delicious so I think it is worth to have and I will absolutely try again.

This is what I ordered that day. I could't remember what the name of this meal and the drink. Hahahaa..But it is delicious. 
Oh yahhh.. I remember that the code for the drink is F4. Hehhh..

Kota Iskandar
On the evening is rainy that time so we have no idea where to go then we stop by at the Kota Iskandar. By the time the rain stop here we are. crazily make the place like ours. Hahahaa.. Moreeee photo actually but this is among the best I guess. Hehee..

Fun Fair Danga Bay
At night after we having out dinner at the Dataran we went to Danga Bay Theme Park or we call it as Fun Fair. It is like a mini-theme park but thay have so much more games compare to the normal fun fair. Suitable for fun time with family and friends. Since we already have our dinner, no extreme ride for us or we going to puke after that. Hahahaa.. We only play Bumper Car. Heee. Cost us for about RM8/person. The period of playing this bumper car is quite long. Since we all are tired, its the time for us to take a break for the next day activities. It was a great day tho.. wait for my next post for WhatsUpJB.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. ececeeehhhhh welcome to Johor piqa!!! :) majidee tu otak-otak kempas dia pun win. kalau datang lagi, cuba try otak-otak dia.. perghhhh

  2. Awaa niii. Dahla liz ngidam lm da nk ABC .. Nmpk pulaak die pos. Burger batman tu comel sgtt, smlm mkn burgr jg tp burger bakar tanpa batman 😒