Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner review

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Right now I'm at my home sweet home! Feeling much better after a long months battling with assignmentsss, quizzes and test! Final Examination is around the corner. Currently is my study week. How fast time flies and now I almost finished my last semester in degree. Wait for the final examination then its over. I hope everything went so well. Amiin! Doakan Pika ea. Wish me luck! Thanks youuuu.. Hehehee.. Okay, talking about my study life, there must something that I could not missed as for my daily basis that is eyeliner. Actually, I'm fine going out without eyeliner but sometime I want to look fresh and awaken so eyeliner one of the solution will help me to reduce my morning fussy face. Hehehee.. I tried this eyeliner for a few past couple of month and I just keep reaching for this eyeliner over and over again! That time I realize that this is my current favorite eyeliner. YUMMS. I know about this eyeliner thank you to my friend, Mastura for introduce to me her everyday eyeliner favorite and now becoming mine! Hehehee... So, I decide to share this with you guys that is Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner. This eyeliner is been out for a long time and it just the time I tried this eyeliner. NGEE..

The felt-tip brush is firm which make the application much easier. It is easy to control especially when I'm doing an eye-cat kinda look. Just makesure you take a good care of the tip because it easy to damage.  

 Swatch for this eyeliner. this is the size of line that going to appear on you eyeline.

My review:-
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is buildable. I like it! First I like it because the color is true black! so dark and can be applied nicely. Application much easier with the felt-tip of the applicator. For some people may find the applicator tip is kinda big but I'm just fine with it. Like you can tell there is so many eyeliner with fine tip applicator but not the same as Silkygirl Precision Liquid eyeliner. It's kinda big but you can adjust it easily. I don't normally used liquid liner as daily basis sometime I do but most of the time I prefer the pencil like eyeliner but this win my heart lately. The formulation of this eyeliner is quite unique where it mention that suppost to be waterproof but it is easily to be remove! YAHHH... Maybe the waterproof it mention just if your eye exposed to light water but not so heavy. Don't worry, it won't cause any black smudge after remove. This is the reason why I like it!! As for me, I need to perform solat, as for daily I need to remove my makeup before wudhuk this eyeliner make my job easily. FInally! This is why I choose this eyeliner as daily basis. YEAYY.. If you're like me. Choose this!

Price: RM21.90
Availability: Watsons, Guardian, Any Silkygirl counter.

It is waterproof yet easy to be removed.

Me wearing this eyeliner. Superbb as my daily basis currently.
But I won't recommend for you if you going to swimming or water activities.

with my friend, Mastura! Thanks mamas for introducing me this eyeliner. Eheee~

Till then, xoxo

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  1. Liz pun suka. Dr zmn bljr mg gn ni smpai da kerja. I thing plg best sbb senang gile nk remove time solat dan x comot bawah mata.

    1. Tu laa..Pika zaman belajar guna in2it but after know about SIlkygirl ni. I just love this one. Hehee..

  2. sis, saya follow.. Sis, boleh tak buat tutorial pakai eyeliner liqiud..? :D

    1. Thank you follow dear. InshaaAllah ada masa I buat tutorial k. Thanks again!