Saturday, October 31, 2015

Foodies: Tips going to MAGNUM Cafe


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Who love Magnum Ice-cream. Because I AM!! I love ice-cream, everytime I was not really in a mood I will grab some ice-cream and I feel much "stabilize" Hahahaa.. So, now you know how to persuade me. As you already know that MAGNUM have opened several MAGNUM Cafe as for us to enjoy a lot of various Ice-cream from Magnum. My first time going to Magnum Cafe was on April with my friend at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. For the first time I'm going there it is quite confuse. If you are the first timer, continue read this post because I will share a few TIPS for you :)

Date: 23 APRIL 2015
Location: Magnum Cafe, IOI City Mall Putrajaya
When you enter to Magnum Cafe there will be devided into 2 SECTION
The 1st Section is for you to customize your own Ice-Cream. 
2nd Section is for those who want to eat based on the Menu. They will provide a better seat.

 Since that time it was my first time so I'm quite blur about it and my friend and I we just randomly enter the Cafe and choose to customize our own Ice-cream and select a few from the menu. Customize Ice-Cream worth RM9.90 - 3 topping

Here is what I'm customize
*love the golden nugget!


Black forest

When first trial jadi Tamak! sikit.. Hahahaa..

Look how greedy we are. Hahahaa.. Order 3 ice-cream for two person. But obviously semput-semput nak habiskan because it is sweet! 

Date: 22 JULY 2015
Location: Magnum Cafe, MidValley

As for the second trial I went to Mid Valley. At Mid Valley they also divided into 2 SECTION. 
At above floor is for those who want to try their Ice-Cream based on menu.
below floor is for customize your own Magnum Ice-Cream. 

Golden nugget and marshmallow always my choice to choose the topping. But rose petal? Really?? Hahhaa.. 

This time buy 1 Ice-Cream share 3 person! Hahahaa.. 

Date: 1 SEPTEMBER 2015
Location: Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley

MAGNUM Cookie Dough Skillet. - RM33
A delicious warm chocolate chip cookies dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate and chopped pecans. Great Combination!

Made my day ! Heeee..

Date: 24 OCTOBER 2015 
Location: Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley
P.I.C ^_^

 MAGNUM Red Velvet - RM32
Dark chocolate dipped vanilla magnum, classic red velvet slice, whipped cream cheese, red velvet crumbs and crushed pistachios

Never get enough with ice-cream! Hahahaa..

For those who never try eat Magnum Ice-Cream at Magnum Cafe you should try sometimes. Choose what you like. I would say I will suggest all menu that I've tried. To enjoy your time with friends and love one should be a suitable place to hangout. But the crowds get heavy at Customize Section so just be patient. You'll get more comfortable to hangout at the Dining Section. They will provide plain water to drink as they know it is too sweets. I hope this help!

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^