Wednesday, September 02, 2015

What happen to my Bali Travelogue Story???


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Hey! September already. Woww.. Hahaa.. Yesterday. 1st September 2015 it is been 2 years my mother passed away. 2 years without her was up and down. Well, she is a strong women. She was amazing and polite person. *Now my tears start to appear. Hahaa.. Okay, let's get this straight, I still have to do what I have to. It is too late for me to repay everything but what important now is for me to pray all out the best for her. Oh! I miss my Ibu. Pray for her. #AlFatihah 

Okay, Sorry for the emo-kinda introduction. I didn't mean to start like that. Ngeee. HELLO SEPTEMBER! Hahahaa.. Remember on February I posted myself going Holiday with my Family to Bali. Actually the post was not finish. I didn't manage to share more story on Day3 and Day4 Activities because my laptop was infected by virus so everytime I try to open my laptop and try to save the photo the laptop shut down by itself. UARGHHHH! Feeling angry and frustrated at the same time. Why all this happend to me! I didn't manage to share more story of it. Lots of activities. So SAD! But I will try my best to send to the expert and repair the laptop as well as the Bali Travelogue photos. This is a very good lesson for me. Next time better make a backup and update everything on time. Don't delay your blogpost. I have to keep this as a reminder.!!

By the way, you can check up more story about my Bali Travelogue HERE

For now, I really need a HOLIDAY!
My new semester or I can say Final Semester will be start next week. Go Go Pika! 
Lemme enjoy my study life with my friends. I hope for a better joy with my friends in Melaka. I'll save every memories. Thank you Allah! Thanks for those who always keep supporting me, give me strength to stand still. Keep me smile and laugh non-stop, make me happy. For those who make me cry and sad, I should thank them as well because I learn every lesson. All I can say May Allah bless you all. I wish for the better day everyday.

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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