Saturday, September 19, 2015

Foodies: Miami Grill, Sunway Pyramid - Get 50% DISCOUNT on All Burgers


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Another Hai Blogger Gathering! Yeayy!! Okay, macam ni. Last 9th September 2015 I was joining Hai Blogger Gathering at Miami Grill, Sunway Pyramid. The event is actually overlapping with another event that I got invited HERE. Anyway, I still try my best to attend both event. So I need to rush from Kota Damansara-Bangsa-Sunway Pyramid-Kota Damansara. Ahaaa~ This is sometimes people call "kerja Giler" nak hadap jemmm lepas orang balik kerja. Hahaha.. Anyway, I just want to show some effort that I made as to show some support and love in blogging life. Wuuuhuu~

You can find Miami Grill at Lot LG2, 127 Blue Atrium. This place I can say it is cool as for you to chill out with your friends and have some chit-chat. Or dating maybe. Hahahaaa..

This is what exactly that I want to highlight! Everytime when you go pass-thro the Miami Grill and saw this banner you will get 50% discount for all Burgers! I guarantee you won't regret try their burger because it is awesome! and the 50% discount?!! You save even more..

This is their 5 selection of burgers!

Nahhh! Tengok pun dah mengalir air liur kan..
The special is they will served the burger in the unique kinda of wooden trays. And trust me, the portion of the burgers is large. I totally full!! Alhamdulillah.. Tapi bila nak write-up entry ni jadi lapar balik.. Eheee~

Meleleh cheese diaaaaa~ Yumsss..

Pika memang jenis makan tak cover or tak reti cover. Belasah je, Even ada mamat hensem kiri kanan ke lantak p lahh.. Bukan kenal punn.. Hahahahaa.. Memang tak reti nak cover nye budak ni.. Gelak lagi la tak reti cover Muahahhahaaa...

Special for us that night dapat pulak Ice-cream Baskin Robins 31.. YUMSS...

Selfie ciked with Iday yang forever sweet dengan husband dia, Si Islam tu.. Heheee

Selfie ciked lagi with Nisa Kay and di photoboom oleh brother2 Phototag ni. Sempoi habisss~

Overall, I have a great night! Kenyangggg.. If you ask me, I definitely suggest you guys to try Miami Grill. Because this is actually the first Halal Miami Grill in ASIA! And the collaboration with the international rappers, Pitbull. Yahh! I'm quite surprise myself when I know the story. So, everytime you eat at Miami Grill makesure you put on #Pitbull. He will like it! Hahahahaa

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^