Sunday, September 27, 2015

Foodies: Dolly Dim Sum, AvenueK KL


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last Sunday (20 September 2015), I have a great quality time with my friends a.k.a my childhood friends. I knowing them for such a long time and just hopping that our friendship will stay last. We have been planning for our DimSum date for such a long time and finally we did it! We choose to go to Dolly Dim Sum located at Avenue K, KL. Obviously this is our first time enter a specific DimSum shop. 

I can tell this place have great deco inside out. This place so comfortable for chit-chat with your friends. 

So, as a beginner like me it is quite hard for me to order once I received the menu because it does not come with any illustration of picture of the food. Well, That in contrast I want to highlight because not so many people familiar with Dim Sum. I just hope they can provide a better menu list later Improve some for your customer! 

You have to ordered on your own. 
Since we don't know which one should we try just read the menu and choose what is that we familiar with for example prawn, eggs things like that. Hahahaa.. Kesian kann.. Next time, I have to bring along my friend who expert eating dim sum. Anyone?? Hahahaa..

Here what we choose to eat that day.

We choose Green Tea!

Here is out first order and trial of Dolly Dim Sum! Not enough obviouslyyy!! Hahahhaa

This might be our last hangout together this year . I mean four of us! Since my friend, Mira is flying to UK for further her study there. Happy for her yet sad at the same time. Wait for another year! We gonna miss you for sure Mira.

Here we add some more Dim Sum.

What I can describe about this taste it is DELICIOUS!!! Wahhh! quite surprise with the taste. I can see and feel the prawn in my mouth and every each details in the dim sum. Hahaha.. I don't know if I describe this weirdly but it is! Sedappppp.. Some are really new for me. and some I've taste it before. Yummmy. But, it is a bit priceyyyy. 3pcs cost around RM9.50-RM15.00 according to the type of the dimsum of your choice. Once in awhile boleh lahh.. I can recommended if you really looking for delicious Dim Sum. You can try at Dolly Dim Sum!

And here comes the bills! Hahahaa..

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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