Thursday, September 24, 2015

D'yana Boutique Grand Opening at Bangi Sentral


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
 Last Saturday I spend some time to the Grand Opening of D'yana Boutique. This boutique owned by to lovely husband and wife couple, Mr. Syafie and Mrs. Ira Abdullah. The Grand Opening was at Bangi Central. This is my very first time coming to Bangi Central and I was shock with the location over there. It is almost like Shah Alam Seksyen 7 already. A lot of boutiques with upraising name you can find over there including D'yana Boutique! This boutique is quite easy to find there. Ohh ya, I still remember the first time I come to their First ever boutique at The first D'yana Boutique Grand Opening at Wangsa Melawati but now guess what??! They already have 5 boutiques! The first located at Wangsa Melawati, Shah Alam, Alor Setar, Sg.Petani, Seremban 2 and the latest at Bangi Sentral. Upcoming boutique they planning going to open it at Kota Bharu Kelantan and Pasir Tumboh Kelantan! WOWWW! Caya lah D'yana Boutique! Congratulation~

Here some of D'yana Boutique collection.
D'yana Boutique is more for modern muslimah fashion. They come with various type of Jubah that practical to be wore yet look stylish at the same time. 

To be honest I own several of their collection and love it. Can check out the Outfit HERE and my diploma convocation Outfit HERE. I'm planning on getting one more collection soon ;)

Dyana Boutique used a very high quality of fabrics and material to ensure that all customer will satisfied with the dress/Jubah they bought and comfortable to wear it at any time especially on special occasions.. 

Every dress were made with specific design and material like labuci, breads and any lacey type. 

 In my wishlist! Hehee..

 Look how beautiful the detailing of this Jubah dress! Like emmm~

The service at D'yana Boutique was great. The staff all friendly and nice to each other. 
Even the owner is nice and treat customer with high class service. Hehehee..

 Here the special shawl from D'yana Boutique

Meet Mrs. Ira Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of D'yana Boutique. SHe really nice and soft-spoken person. Thank you Kak Ira for the invitation. Really appreciate it. I hope your business will growing even better and faster. InshaaAllah.

My sizzles sista, Kak Suzai.

 Kak Nannie, dagu tu mahal!

with Yayanatsumi, cute person and talkative at the same time. 

 I meet-up with my blogger buddies here. Glad have someone that we can talk and chit chat with. Really nice to meet you guys. Until we meet again yahh.. MUAHHH~

The moment the boutique are open for customer. WOWW! Berpusu-pusu orang masuk~

 Look at the crowd! Semua sakan shopping for Raya Adha maybe.. Untung lahhh~

 Why D'yana Boutique always GRAND with their Opening. SEE! Siap berkemah bagai for the customers to enjoy some foods and have a rest while shopping at their boutique.

 See! nak makan pun selfie pika ni.. Hahahaa..

Okay, Happy with D'yana Boutique collection.
*okeh, akak belakang tu lagi power shopping banyak!

If you live near Bangi or Kajang area. Now much easier for you to shop D'ayan Collection.
You can check out D'yana Boutique at Bangi Sental.
Operation Hour: 11am - 8pm (Monday-Sunday)
Contact No: 0185878020


Check out their:-
Facebook: d'
for more info and new updates of their collection and SALES!

I heard they having sales until 27th September 2015 !!
Why wait!! Jom serang D'yana Boutique NOWWWW.. I will go this Saturday.. Hehhehh after kenyang makan daging korban..

Till then, xoxo

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