Sunday, August 16, 2015

WIW: Not Enough Pastel


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Good morning. Rise and shine! Hehee.. Let's starts out day with a smile. Smile as wide as you can. 
I was so excited this morning as to share with you about my outfit post that I wore recently. This time featuring Jubah Asiah from Calaqisya! WOOHOO~ This Jubah I bought during my shopping time at Raya KL Fest 2015. I just roughly choose what suitable for me and I adore this Jubah Asiah. The moment I enter Calaqisya booth I saw this but I don't take it at the first place I go a walk and back something ring a bell that I need those Jubah so I went back to Calaqisya booth and bought it without any hesitation. Last week I was able to wear this Jubah going to Open houses with my schoolmates. Well, you know when Open houses you'll definitely eat more plus that day I go for 3 open houses. Uwahhh.. With this Jubah I was comfortably wear with no worry, Well, you know lahh what I mean. Hahahaa. The material is easy to iron and I love how it look shine yet dull at the same time. The color combination is beautiful. Super love it. Well, if previously I;m a color-blocking person but now I think pastel has stolen my heart. Or maybe it is age factor. Hee.. 

Outfit details:-
Shawl: Bought at Penang
Dress: Jubah Asiah from Calaqisya
Handbag: Newlook from Zalora

Have a great weekend everyone !
Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. Cantiknyaaaa.. Mira rasa macam nak start pakai jubah dah sekarang

    1. Thank you mira. Jomm laaa.. Best, Comfortable and Well-cover also..

  2. cantik jubah tu.. Akk pun suka beli jubah kt Calaqisya..:)

    1. Thank you kak asyik.. Menarik gak baju2 dia. Ini first time pika beli baju dekat Calaqisya tu.. After this nak beli lagi InShaaAllah..

  3. ohh.. inilah antara keluaran qalaqisha. penah dengar. tp x penah pakai. comel rupenya.
    hehe.. maybe akak lain generasi la kot. salam perkenalan.

    1. Salam perkenalan kak.. Hee..
      Comel kan baju-baju Calaqisya ni..