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Sharing Session with PHYTO - The Botanical Power


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How was your weekend so far? Hope that you will enjoy your weekend guys! I just want to share another superrrr late post. Whatever lahh. I'M BACK! Hahahaa.. By the way,on 29 July 2015(Wednesday) I was invited to PHYTO Private session held in Robinsons the Gardens Mall. This is a very small and sharing session that held to inform the bloggers about PHYTO.
Thanks to for the invitation. 
PHYTO offers the best botanical solutions for scalp and hair conditions such as thinning hair, dandruff, sensitive, oily scalp and dry, damage hair. Created in 1969 by Mr Patrick Ales, PHYTO's philosophy is beautiful & healthy hair though plants. I just know that PHYTO is pronouce as "FITTO" not "FAITO" because previously I keep calling "FAITO" which is wrong.. Huhuhuu.. Well, at least I learn something new there. Hahaaa.. I hope this also will help you to pronounce it correctly. Hee~

The even starts with registration and get some goodies bag from PHYTO and we're ready to hear all about PHYTO. Basically PHYTO is a very popular brand based in Paris. To become healthy and beautiful, your hair needs science but science at the service of nature. Thanks to the study of the benefits of plants for last 50 years, PHYTO knows how to implement the best research discoveries at the service of your hair. 

Meet the expert herself, she is Ms. Kristy Cheung, PHYTO International Trainer. She briefly explain about the PHYTO Brand, what the product they have, how to used it, what is the benefits for using PHYTO that is originally extracted from plants. Really interesting regarding to her explanation. I never expect that there is so many product to take care of your hair. Well, basically I just keep using my shampoo and conditioner sometime I just apply hair essence and thats it! Well, everyone have their own hair problem for example scalp, hair fall and drying hair. Well, PHYTO have all of those solution.  

Here I will show you a few of PHYTO Products..
Here is PHYTOPOLLEINE a Botanical Scalp Treatment. This suitable for all hair types. As they mention that this is their star product. Consider as a MUST-HAVE product in their line. Its original formula is a concentration of 1750g of fresh plants, for 25ml of elixir. What make it more interesting is that this is actually a pre-shampoo "booster" serum means that you have to apply onto you scalp and slowly massage it leave about 20 minutes then rinse and shampoo your hair. This ac as a serum to stimulate and restore balance to all scalp. 

PHYTODENSIUM a age-defying serum. This is suitable for lifeless hair. It even delays the appearance of gray hair. Hurmm.. Interesting right.. heheee From 30 years old, the hair weakens and becomes more fragile. The luxurious serum contains age-defying Gatuline, and blackcurrant seed oil, to thicken, restructure and revitalize hair that has begun to thin over time. How to used this just shampoo and tower-dry the hair then apply to the scalp, massage in and spread along the lenghts. 

 *beautiful hand credit to Kelly. hehee..

Obviously, hijab girl like me don't really have so much product to be used I just need to ensure that my hair is healthy enough but well, I do have hair fall problem tho. If you look at their product range they have soooo many shampoos & conditioners that suitable with your needs. PHYTO also come with pre-shampoo products, essentials for dry hair, Their best daily care, Deep hair care, Styling product, Professional styling products, Hair treatments, Scalp treatments, and also dietary supplements as to take a good care of your hair. WOWWW right! Be amaze now! Hahaaa..

Group photo. meeting this beauties. well, I just look like an apple over there. Hahahaa...

with the PHYTO expert

and my beauty buddies, Kelly and Shivani. They getting beauty day by day. 

Well, I have try their PHYTOKERATINE a repairing thermal protectant spray and I love itttt!! For real!! I can feel my self that my hair becoming much more soft, tighter and easy to comb. This product is suitable for weakend and damaged hair. Well, let me try for a few months to see the exact result and so on. I will make a full review about it also. WAIT YAHHH! 

Healthy and Beautiful Hair though plants
Get more information about PHYTO hair cares on 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^

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