Monday, August 17, 2015

Foodies: Tudia Char Kuey Teow, Putra Heights


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I was able to join Blogger Raya held by Hai Blogger on Saturday, 1 August 2015. This Blogger Raya was great bonding time with my blogger friends and some I just get to know them on that day. Feeling so small eventho I'm not that small when gather around with blogger famous amous! Ahaa.. Okay let's get to the main point here. I want to introduce this Awesome Makan-Makan place to those who love Char Kuey Teow like I do. Well, this is not just an ordinary Char Kuey Teow okehh. This is very special where the Char Kuey Teow come with CRAB!!! Yeahh. To be honest it is really hard to find a good place that can serve Char Kuey Teow in KL/Selangor area unless you go the Penang area. Overall, I totally recommended this place especially for those who stay in Klang Valley. You should go try Tudia Char Kuey Teow! Obviously delicious
andddddd I am so damn hungry while writing this entry ARGHHH! 

 *perut dah berbunyi-bunyi ni

Tudia Char Kuey Teow is located at Putra Heights, Subang. The easy way to get here is you can waze Petron Putra Heights, Shah Alam. Once you arrive there just go straight and make a U-turn as the stall is located infront the Petron on the other side road. 

This is how the portion for the Char Kuey Teow looks like. *perut dah berbunyi-bunyi ni.
The Char Kuey Teow is delicious for the tummy not just that it also serve with prawn and egg! For special Char Kuey Teow they will add Crab in it. Ohh Yahh! you need to used your hand while eat ketam. 

Char Keuy Teow: RM5
Char Kuey Teow + Telur Mata: RM6.50
Char Kuey Teow + Telur with Sotong: RM7.50
Char Kuey Teow + Ketam: RM15 *recommended

 Meet Iday and her husband, Islam.

 Sakura Band performing that day after we done enjoying our meal. They are really cool band. Sempoi je nyanyi walaupun hijan renyai-renyai.. Heee..

Jumpa geng KUNING~ heheee..

You can watch this video to see how we actually celebrating Blogger Raya that day. The time I arrived is raining yet everyone still keep calm and makan ketam. Hahaaa. Really enjoy my time that day. 

*Bro Framestone tu menyerlah sangat :P

By the way, for more info about Tudia Char Kuey Teow do visit and follow:-
Instagram: @tudiacharkueyteowhq

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  1. the crab yang paling menyerlahhh...ha ha ha, since I am a crab lover...

    1. Hahahaa.. Glad to hear that the crab lagi menyerlah.. Kekekee.. Pika tengok ja gambar ni jadi lagi lapar kak. Heee

  2. Haah la..Bro memang terserlah kat x leh lawan CKT + Ketam tu...seksi woooo

  3. Hahaha geng kelab myvi kuning sudah terjumpa..