Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WIW: Emerald green with soft purple


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Its 11 Syawal already. Left about 19 days before ends of Raya for this year. Teehee~ So far this Raya I didn't manage to go to any open house yet, maybe this week and week after might full with open house. Hehee.. I've gain weight back! Sighhh! I need to work out more after this. Since during fasting month I also gain weight. Normally people will lose weight but not me since my friend always brought me to some delicious place for breaking fast and I'm not control my eating habit with no exercise some more. NO WONDER right. Served you right pika!! Hahahaa.. Now I'm slowly try to control everything back. 
So, wish me luck,,Heeee...

Anyway, Here my outfit post. It is been awhile since I'm sharing any outfit post right. Hahaa. I'm wearing one of KZNabihah Esklusif Lebaran 2015. If you read my previous post HERE, I promise to show you guys my favorite piece of their collection. So here it is. Zara Jubah from KZNabihah. I love it honestly. I like the detailing for this Jubah. Well, I do some alteration for this Jubah since a bit bigger for me so I make it just nice and comfortable for me according to my body measurement. I love the material not hot or I can say it is suitable for our humid weather. The color combination also great. I just love how this Jubah is in emerald green and the detailing is more to purple color. If you interested you can check out on KZNabihah websites or go to their boutique available in Shah Alam and Bangi if I'm not mistaken. Go follow their instagram @kznabihahboutique for the lastest update. Better grab it fast before it is out of stock because normally their collection is limited. Hehee..

Outfit details:-
Shawl: Old Blossom Box
Jubah: KzNabihah Boutique
Shades: Cotton On
Handbag: Charles & Keith 

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^