Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shopping Raya at KL Raya Fest 2015 at PWTC


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I think a lot of you already know about the last Big Event for Shopping Raya held by Mood Republik called KL Raya Fest! . This big event that get a lot of media attention and appear on News on Television as well. Wuuhuuu~~ This is superbig that make PWTC stuck in a jemm for 3 days in a row. Cayalahhh~ The event start from 11, 12, 13 of July 2015. This open from 10am - 5am!! Uwahhhh.. Lamakannn.. and guess what. I also manage to join this for shopping raya. I go with my friends a.k.a my bodyguard that night. Hahahaa.. Thanks for accompany me even-tho I know they will get bored at anytime but I'm wrong. Hahaha.. They also help me find the booth and boutique that I want.. I arrive at 12am roughly like that on the second day. The parking are definitely full so we need to park outside and walk right to PWTC,.

 Once you arrived, you need to write up some forms for registration and you'll get cop on your hand. My brother was shock once he saw the cop on my hand, he though that I enter some any clubs.. Hahahaa.. No lahh! I know you heard so many bad news regarding about this. SOme customer do not satisfied with this and that but well, this is very normal lahh. When you make a big evnts and people come from all states just to go to this event. Plusss they have more then 300 brands in one roof. Memang la ramai dengan Local Brand yg awesome nyaaa. Hahahaaa.. That night memang I went jalan-jalan sampai puas. I'm glad that I'm wearing my Converse Sneakers that night because I know I need to walk a lot and fast.. plus I need to get rush and bump with others.. FUHH~ Safety first ;)

 Taadaaa~ Damages that night! Hahahahaaa...
I manage to grab a few jubah and dress from Bella Ammara, Calaqisya and EDZ. I love what I purchase that night. Wuuhuuu~ By the way, Bella Ammara was hit that time. Sooo many people rushing-rushing and pushing-pushing in there. Kuat kan semangat jugakkkk lah masuk dalam tu. Hahahaa.. Glad I got one of their collection. 
Overall. I'm done with Raya Shopping.... I guess.. NGEE..

Thank you my friends..Sampai rumah je terus sahur.. Its okay. Sekali sekala plus I'm safe escorted by them. Excited wanna try and posing with all dresses I purchase. Wait for my outfit post. Wuuhuuu~

Till then, xoxo

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