Sunday, June 21, 2015

When your friends already married.


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
Good morning... I hope it is not to late to wish to all my muslim friends Salam Ramadhan! It's been 4 days for us fasting on this holy month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I've end my semester last Friday. YEAYYY.. Last a few weeks I was so busy with assignments and test. Well, you know I mean right. However I'm just wanna enjoy my life as a student now. Less than a year left for me before I ended my study in degree. Wish me luck guys! Okay, cerita dah leretttt~

Let's get real here. Hahahaa.. I just wanna share about last month story regarding my friend's wedding! I just can't believe that my childhood friend and my schoolmate already married and they are same age as I am. Uwahhh! Suddently I feel like the time are about to come.. errrr~~

Nurul Izzati Tuah's Wedding
Kota Damansara, 24 May 2015
What I wear that day. My dress collection from Misclaire.

 Here is my friend and her husband. Congratulation my friend. May Allah bless you marriage. May everything go smooth and great. She invite my for the wedding ceremony but I could't go so I come to her solemnize.

 It was nice because I'm able to meet my old childhood friends. Dah lama tak jumpa korang weyhhhh!

 The excited feeling when your childhood already married!!


 Nurul Izyan Nasir's Wedding
Penang, 31 May 2015
 For the next week, my schoolmate during my study at ASTECH. Oh My!! She was quite close to me when in school and she married first. She was not the first person I expect to be married first but jodoh dia dah sampai dulu. Tahniah my friend!

 Congratulation my beautiful friend!! Macam tak caye bak hangg.. Hahahaaa..
I wish you all the best! I wish you stay healthy and happy.. Dulu kita dok menggila sekali dalam dorm. P kelas sama-sama. Gossip and nyanyi melalak sama-sama. La ni hang dah sah menjadi isteri orang yang dah sah. Alhamdulillah~

Bridesmaids that day! Maid of honors lebih nervous dari pengantin..  Masing-masing kalut.. Huhuhuu..

Meet my schoolmate and my junior in school. Oh my! everybody getting so much beautiful. Except for me macam pumpkins.. Hahahaaa..

 As requested from my friend, I karoake during her wedding. I'm singing the brides favorite song during school's day by Azharina - Elegi sepi. Walaupun suara sumbang pika hentam sahaja lahh :P

 My friend and her husband!!! Congratulation Yayannn!!

How fast time flies~
Now everybody starting to think about the future because at my age range no more joking regarding jodoh and things like this.. Hahhaa.. You have to be serious in certain relationship. Hahhaaa.. If you ask me when my turn? Hahahaaa.. Tunggu dah sampai seruuu~ Kekekekekeee.. Doa-doakan yang baik-baik okey. Aminnn..

Anyway, congratulation for both of my friends. May Allah bless your marriage!
Pika doakan yang baik-baik je untuk korang. So, please stay happy :)

 Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ^_^


  1. nak kahwin jugakkk XDD adehh, my friends pun berderet kahwin la beranak la, stress tengok timeline semua cerita kahwin.

    1. Hahahaa.. me too but habiskan belajar dulu pika... Kekekekekeee...