Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beauty: Silkygirl 20hr eyeliner [Dark Brown]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Good Morningggg!! Eyeliner becoming a basic routine for every girl especially to student as they wake up early morning to avoid from looking so sleepy going to class. Hahahaa. Based on my experience I guess. So,  last a few month ago I bought Silkygirl  20hr eyeliner. Since I need to stock up my eyeliner so I said I should give a try to this eyeliner. Let's here  my opinion about this eyeliner...

This is how the eyeliner looks like. Come with white packaging and easy to be find. I choose the one in Dark Brown color. 

Price: 19.90
Where to Buy: Guardian, Watsons, Silkygirl counter

As far as I've using this eyeliner the color is quite pigmented and slight creamy. I choose brown color eyeliner because it is suitable for daily wearing. I don't like my eyes look so intense in the morning especially if I want to go out for classes and things like that. It is good enough as to look awaken instead. Hehehee.. As what is is claimed that it last for 20hr but not on me. I found out it start to fading after a few hours of wearing about 6 hours like that and it foam a bit a smudge under my eye. Sobss. So I need to keep on checking my eye afraid that my eyes will turn out like panda. Hahahaa.. Maybe I put to much expectation when I purchase it because I was really hoping it will last for 20hr. Hahahaa.. Silly me! But I like the color and the pigmentation as it is easy to apply. Glides easily on my eyes does not feel hurting or irritating when apply it. Easy to used as well you don't have to sharp just twist it. Overall what I can say that this is okay for me but still cannot beat my favorite eyeliner pecil from Avon. NGEEE ;) I guess thats all I want to give a short review about this eyeliner. I hope this helping you out. 

Till the, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :) 


  1. melting eyeliner is the worst. 20hr macam a little too much huhuhu

  2. akak eyeliner kadang ikut mood :)

  3. Fatin pun pernah beli eye liner ni. Memang tak sesuai sebab dulu muka jenis agak berminyak. Kejap je dah comot eye liner tu. Prefer eye liner jenis liquid. Tahan lebih lama.

  4. You should tried Avon eyeliner... It works on me..😋