Monday, February 23, 2015

VLOG KL Shopping Haul by Wiida Ribbon featuring me


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How are you guys so far? I hope you stay wonderful as ever. Last 2 weeks if I'm not mistaken I go to KL for shopping with my partner in crime that day non-others than Miss Wiida Ribbon. Actually in the morning we went for a movie time watching Jupiter Acsending and Thanks to Coca-Cola Zero for that. After the movie, We go for shopping and having our meals together. I go to Pavilion when there is any events or when I want to find my Makeups. I don't really shopping for handbag and cloths there because it will cost me about RM10K for one handbag which I don't have 10K right now, Hahahaa..or maybe I will soon, In Sha Allah.!Doakan ye;) I guess I have to work hard for it. Hahaa., Some people might think that "Ohh! look at that girl bajet-bajet shopping dekat Pavi" . Well, I don't mind of it. I do shopping at Pavilion,KL but I only buy what I can afford and not pretending to be a rich b*tch. Hahaa.. Lalalalalaa~

My lovely gedik partner, Miss Wiida gedik make a VLOG about our Shopping at KL that time. The video was recorded in my car during a heavy traffic jem. Well, You don't wanna mess with traffic jem in KL. Hahaa. It was so spontaneous she recorded it and I was busy driving pun sibuk-sibuk interframe! We spend out time like about 9 hours that day and I'm totally having a great time and happy with what I purchase. If we meet we will turns to gedik-gedik girls which I have to admit it and we first will go hunt for makeup all the time. Sharing our story together and gossipss.. Opppsss! Hahahaa...

Do check her Youtube Channel because she now active and share a makeup tutorial for you girls. 
I have to admit that she is my best buddy and makeup guru! Sifuuu~

By the way, watching this video is at your own risk! I've WARNING you. Don't regret it ;)

Once you watch this video you will find that how gedik we are. This is us in reality! Hehehehehee.. Well, Thats what happen when we meet! Even my classmate pun shock when I turn so girl-ish.. Hahaa.. because normally I would just rather laugh and do prank to my other friends at my Uni. Lalalalaa~ This is how girl role. At least we not fake-off or anything. This is us, It is up to you to accept or not. Know us first before you judge. By the way, I love youuu Miss Wiida Gedik :P

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. wah~ so nice! Makes me miss hanging out with girlfriends!! sigh~ I wish we're not thousands miles apart.
    OMG! I just commented on your NARS Afghan Red lipstick and was wondering whether you're gonna get the Audacious later and you did!! I'm definitely will be looking forward to your looks with that! Natalie is indeed a pretty coral!
    ... and that's a pretty necklace you got there, too!
    Love, Mira |

    1. Hi Mira, Thanks for comment again! HUGSS!
      in shaa allah ada masa next time we will meet again ;)