Monday, February 09, 2015

Jupiter Ascending with Coca Cola Zero


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Last Saturday I was invited to enjoy a movie call Jupiter Ascending at GSC Pavilion from Coca Cola. At first I don't really know about this movie so I go watch the trailer and find out the hero in this movie was Channing Tatum! Whattt??? I terus RSVP.. Lalalalaaa~~ So, you know la the main reason I watch this movie is Channing Tatum. Jupiter Ascending is quite fantasy and space style. If you like this kinda of movie you'll find this movie interesting. For me, I like it. Means that I'm able to imagine something impossible but fun. Kekekekee. The heroin in this movie is Mila Kunis. I love every dress that Mila Kunis wear in this movie, it was stunning. Every actor play their role well. I will recommended this movie if you like fantasy genre and Channing tatum. Thanks buat I melting~ Check out Jupiter Ascending TRAILER..

 I was able to enjoy this movie thanks to Coca Cola! Now Coca Cola introduce their new product that is Coca Cola Zero. YUP! What does it mean by ZERO? It less sugar and carbonate. On the first I drink it I was quite surprise because I don't brupppp~ Until a clip release and show that this is actually their new product that contain less everthing~ Hahahhaaaa...

 Selfie with partner in crime Miss Wiida Ribbon gedik and new blogger friend, Mieza ;)
 FInd any similarity in this selfie photo? Photoboom by Bro Framestone! Hahahhaa..Always Happy go lucky ja bro ni.

 Wefie will be like this~~~
don't you? Ngeee

Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this :)

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