Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random: Its a Wrap for this semester 4


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Yeahhh! Finally... I can scream as much as I want! Hahahaa.. Alhamdulillah, My I've done with my Final Examination and my last paper was in 17th January 2015. Uwahhhh~ full date. Eheee.. I've tried my best stay up late and study as I could and answer all the question. Nervous to wait for the result. Hahahaa.. But before that I want to enjoy and have a pleasure time for me. Well, since this is a wrap for me in this semester 4, I want to share a few memories/photos that I have during my study life. Hahahaa.. ENJOYYY!

Well, basically in class playing is a must! until lecturer come in and start to focus with your study.. Kekekeee..

I've completed my practical presentation. 4 credit hours! OMOO.. I hope I get a great score for this course.. 
Oppssss.. sorry for the selfie showing my acne there.. ngeee.

With my classmate! Last week of lectures for this semester. I'm glad that everything went smoothly for this semester. Alhamdulillah. Meet a really nice people all around me.

SELFIEEEE! is a must.. Even-tho my skin not flawless as you are. Confident kena adaaaa~
Again, selfie showing my acne scarssss.. Hahahaa. My skin breakout is about in healing process right now. I hope everything will be good for my skin. Nakkkk kulit flawless gakk! Hahahaa.. I have to avoid from any stress and depress thingy. Keep smile and think positive ;)

My lovely housemate! Living with them in one roof was amazing. We laugh most of the time and of course I'm the joker and they will laugh non-stop. They can laugh just by listening to my laugh. Hahaa.  They are so nice and understanding. We try our best to understand each other. Well, problems always happen when we stay with a friends in one roof but normally we will try to settle things in appropriate way. Obviously I love themmm. Thanks girls for understand me and accept me for who I am! Let's keep our friendship until Jannah. #lawalawanya

Nothing much I guess.. let's keep things positive.. Till then,


Thank you for reading this ;)