Tuesday, January 06, 2015

MUA: Zaty's E-day


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

I just finish my second paper for my final exam this today. Ohh my! the questions is really hard! I hope I can passed the subject. Susah weyhhh! Seriously hard and confuse me all the time. Never mind! let's forget about it. What I want to focus now is about my friend's E-day. One day while I was eating and listen to a song, I got a text from my ex-schoolmate. She ask me either I can "mekapkan" dia on her E-day! Say whatttt! I was shocked at the moment macam tak percaya je sebab kawan sebaya dah nak tunang!! Hahahaa.. She made the Engagement really simple which only invite family and her close friends. I was given an opportunity to show my make-up skill on her E-day! Hahahaa.. Actually I'm quite nervous lahh because I'm afraid that I will ruined or make any mistake. Huhuhuuu.. But Alhamdulillah. I did it well I guess and She got a lot of compliment with ther make-up that day. Fuhhhh! Legaaaa sangat. Hahahaaa. 

On that day, I wake up late because my alarm doesn't ring me. Hahahaaa,,and I was rushing to go to her house that morning. Nasib rumah dekat jew! hahahahaa. So by the time I arrived set her makeup a bit and finished her final looks everything ready I was exited to take a photo for the finish look and the worst thing is I bring my camera but I left the battery because I charged the battery that night and forget to put it back on the camera I just take the camera itself. Arghhh! So the photo will not be as sharp as I wanted but I think still okay laaa because picture were taken using handphone camera only. I hope you can understand lahh. Hahahaa.. I hate me when I did some careless things. Sometimes even on a small thing pun I lupa. Pika ooo pika. whyyy so pelupaaa...Hahahahaa.. But nevermind, this will be a lesson for me next time. I'll make sure everything will be better and learn from my mistake. In Shaa Allah..

So, here the finish look. How was it? Does it look okay to you?
The picture were taken using a handphone camera only and lighting from the window.
She request to have a natural look yet still have the effect of makeup. She don't want any false lashes. But it doesn't borders me because she originally have a long eyelashes. Yet she do not really often wearing makeup as her daily basis so when I put mascara on her she was like says "Rasa mata ni macam ada atap" Kahkahkahhh.. So Funny!! By the way, Her skin also have some breakouts that day, She got a lot of acne scars on her cheek area. So, with the power of make up i was able to cover it. Hahahaa..

The make up look from room light. A dim light I guess. Hahahaa.. 

The product that I used to makeup her on her E-day are:-
Base: Shiseido Sun protector/Primer
Foundation: Clinique Foundation 
Concealer: Naturactor + Collection Cosmetic
Eyeshadow: Naked 3 + NARS Alhambra
Mascara: Maybelline Falsie + L'oreal 4D architecture 
Eyebrow: Sephora Brow Pencil + Etude House Gel Brow
Blusher: Bobbi Brown 
Shading: Essence
Highlight: Ultraflesh
Powder: Maybelline Super White Compact Powder
Lips: WetnWild Pinkerbell + MAC Lip Glass

Congratulation Zaty on your Engagement! Thanks for having me as your MUA that day. I hope you like your makeup look. Well I'm not a professional still amateur in this field but I do it for fun because I just loving what I'm doing. I love to play with makeup. Don't you???? Weehuuuu~

with schoolmates. 

Congratulation again Zaty! Nanti nak kahwin jangan lupa jemput ehh!

I guess thats all what I would like to membebel to tonight. Hahahaha..
Till then, 


Thank you for reading this :)


  1. Omg perfect! Simpleeeee n yet still gorgeous aaaa! Makeup qila jgk nnt plsss hihihih.

    Serious laah semua cantik!!!!
    I love it heehe good job sis *clap*

    1. Awhhh, Thanks qila. In shaa Allah ye.. Nanti apa-apa qila contact2 ehhh..
      Thank you Thank you... HUGSS! eheee..

  2. Suka makeup eyeshadow tu! Boleh la ni slow2 buat bisnes.. Fighting!

  3. wah pika..bestnyaaa... nak belajar make up dgn pika la.. plssss