Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Kak Sabby's Wedding


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Firstly, I would like to say Congratulation to my lovely Kak Sabby Prue and her Husband on their marriage last month. Hahahaa.. I know right! Booooo me if you want to, because update about this story too late. I remember the first time I meet Kak Sabby was on Innershine Camu camu event. I still remember that on that day I was suffering from "beguk" but still gigih pergi event. Huhuhuu.. Since then, We meet again on others event especially from The Butterfly Project Event and we starts getting closer since then. When the first time I meet her I though that she was about my age like that but I was wrong! She was soooo "awek muda". Jealous much! Not like me, macam "mak-mak" orang T__T . Teringin jugak rasa jadi awek muda.. Hahahaaa.. Sincerely, Kak Sabby is a really nice person. She really talk about what coming on her mind. If you ask her about something, she will story from the beginning until the end! Hahaha. In a simple words, Dia suka bercakapppppp! Hahahaaa.. Opppss, Sorry Kak Sabby.. Muahciked! I like when she give her opinion about something. Well, she experience more than I am so let's learn something from that. Overall, I bagi 5 bintang untuk Kak Sabby! Hahahaa.. Tak pasal pulakkk. Glad to know her as my blogger buddy! I wish all the best for you Kak Sabby Prue~

On 21 of December 2014. I was invited to her Wedding Reception at Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. At first, I was a bit nervous because last minute I don't have anyone to accompany me to go to her wedding. But then, glad I meet up with my others blogger buddies. Awhh, takde lah segan sangat! Maklum lahh, saya ni pemalu orang nya. Hehehee. It seem like a Blogger Reunion on Kak Sabby's Wedding that day. Hehehee..

 More selfiessss. Hahaa.. with Wiida and Kak Nanie. 
Thanks Wiida for this picture. Eheeeeee...Balik-balik Wedding terus suruh dia wassap. Kekekeee.. Sorry babe!

Another selfie with the Selfie Queen, Wiida.
Omoo! Look how flawless her skin is and mine were like permukaan bulan..

My Kakak Sayang sorang ni! Mana boleh tinggal.. Eheee.. with Kak Suzai. I pray for your turn soon Kak Suzai, Sabar ehh.. 
By the way, Kak Suzai was Kak Sabby's bridesmaid that day. love your dress sis ;) 

Blogger's group photo time with the Bride and Groom!

Thank you Kak Sabby for invite me. I had a great time that day, The food also delicious, I tambah 2 kali. Okay, kantoi! Hahhaaa. The reception design was pretty! It match with your character and your Wedding dress is Stunning! Make up pun lawaaa.. Okey, dah banyak sangat puji ni nanti Kak Sabby kembang pulak... Huhuhuuu.. Lastly, I would like to say that I hope Kak Sabby have a great time with her husband. Be a good wife and always happy! Aminn. May Allah bless your marriage!

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Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. Alaa sedih tak dpt pegi.. :( Ingat lagi masa event innershine kan! Waktu tu pun first time akak kenal kak sabby and piqa! :D

    1. alaa..takpe akak. Lagi pun time tu akak ada hal kan.. Betul betul!! pika start berkenalan dengan semua dekat event innershine tu lahh.. Teehee~

  2. It's been a while since my last visit to this cutie blog. Hee. Rindu pikaaaaa!

  3. Pika cakap hari tu baru akak tau pika tulis psl wedding akak. Thank u so much for coming!! hahaha akak byk bercakap yeeee??? hahah pika pun sama la. :P heheheh thank you so much tau. xoxo :)

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