Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heart2Heart: What is Friends all about?


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

I hope you have a great morning. Today I feel a bit emotional. I want to expressed something that been playing on my mind lately. As I mention, Friends! You know what. We may know a lot of people but we don't actually know who are the real friends. Sometime they just be closer to us just to get benefits but some they really sincere to be friend with us. When I was seating alone and sometimes I do feel lonely, LOL I don't know why and suddenly I'm thinking "Why am I still feel lonely even-tho I still have a lots of friends?' and by that moment I understand which are real which are not! DAMNN! Hate this feeling the most just to know that person knowing you just for benefits or notice you when they need you. Even worst they act nice and close to you in person but deep down they just keep thinking bad about you. Hurmm....

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What is friends actually?
If you ask me, friend is someone will support you no matter what you do. A person you know and able to make contact with you no matter what. They will accept you for who you are not for who you will be. They going through a tough time together and they seem to care about you. Sometimes with just a small things they able to make you feel happy and smile. They can easy tolerate with you and both you and your friend able to understand each other. No matter what you do your friends will always support you. If you think you are not good enough to be like this than Change. Always keep a positive mind, support your friends as possible don't be so hati busuk and jealous towards your friends or you might end-up feel guilty and lost your friend [not even worth]. Your friends might end-up being a successful person but you just the same. I saying this through what I feel about. Hurmmm.. Remember to keep a positive mind and thinking. You don't need to be a person with a bad thinking or attitude. If you want your friend to keep supporting you you have to start it first. Sometimes just by saying "Hi" to them is enough. It is showing how care you towards them. Shows that you still acknowledge them as a friends. If you started to be suspicious towards your friends then you have to really really be prepared and they might just not able to be someone for you who you can call friend. They just somebody you used to know. Ahaaa~  I don't actually pointed this to anyone but I'm saying this to all of us including myself. I'm trying to changing myself to be a better person to be a better friends to everyone. One thing for sure is I will always appreciate those who support me and stay with me even on my worst or even they have seen my flaws. Dear friends, I will try my best to be a supportive for you. Thank you for staying and understand me. Most important is you are there to support me no matter what I do. Hurmmmm... I hope I'm getting right in terms of expressed my feeling. Hope everyone have a blessed day today. Emo nya kau pikaaaa~~ HAHAHAA...

 Till then, xoxo

Thank you for reading this ;)

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