Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2015 ~


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

Uwahhhhh.. Its 2015 already! How fast time flies right..
What I can conclude for 2014 has been an awesome year for me. Well, not everything but most are really awesome. Thank you for those who made my 2014 wonderful and everything that I've done I wish for more happiness and good fortune. Well, when there is a good of course there also a bad things happened. But I take that as a lesson and everything that happened always come with a reason. Ada hikmahnya. ehee.. 

What I most satisfied with 2014 so far?
The first thing is I lose weight!! Yeahh..! But not that obvious lahhh. I still have a lot of kilosss to be work out with. Better than nothing right. I still working out to lose more and more weight so my legs looks like K-Pop star. Okehh, joking! Next, I've owned most of the stuff that I want on my wishlist on 2014 such as Chanel powder, Chanel eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown Blusher and NARS eyeshadowsss. and moreeee beauty stuff.. Awhhhh..loveee!. Alhamdulillah. Well, still got some more stuff but I will work hard to get it for 2015. I wish for Chanel handbag maybe. Can?? Ehee. Student tu buat la cara student Pika oi! Hahahahaa... Another best thing is that I made new friends. Thank you friends for stay and be a good friends for me. I hope you know who you are. Always treat me well and be nice to me. Thank you so much! I wish our friendship will stay until the end. May Allah bless you guys ;)

What I worst for me on 2014?
Someone stole my handphone!! GOD! I really can't forgive the thief. Its a gift for me. So sad lah!! I still kept the paper bag, handphone box, charger and others. Sobsss. You can read more about my nagging HERE. eheee.. Next thing is, I was betrayed by my friend who I trust [classmate]. She really REALY make me hate her so much! I'm not that kinda a person who easily hate others but once I hate that person I will hate like forever! So, please don't make me hate you. Well, I may forgive on what she did but I don't think I can forget. That the worst experience I've been through for 2014 or I can say for the rest of my life so far. I never meet someone so damn cruel! GOSH! Well, what a waste of time thinking of that just pray for the best, May Allah bless her.

My new year resolution for 2015?
Obviously I want to lose more weight and stay healthy & fit! I want to enjoy everything I did. I don't want to feel any stressed or depressed or any bad emotional, I just want to keep smiling and laughing [hope I don't label as crazy..hehehee]. I want to make people around me feel please and comfortable with me. I know I'm not that nice but I will try. In Shaa Allah. I want to complete a few resolution from the last year. Kekekekeee. I wish I can graduate my degree on time with a good grade. Lastly, I think it is the time for me to find my future husband lahh..Hahahahaa.. Joking!

So, what is your new year resolution? 
I wish you will have a wonderful year. Remember to keep calm and pray for the best! Stay safe ;)


Thank you for reading this ;)


  1. Happy new year pika! Perasan jugak pika makin kurus. Best nye ada makeup chanel! Jelly much >_< all the best for 2015. Love ya! <3

    1. Happy New Year Kak Anis!! Alahh.. bestnyaaa dengar macam tu but still banyak kilo nak kena buang. By the way, thank you soo much. All the best for you as well. Love yaa more ;)

  2. comel la Pika punya post ni, terdengar-dengar suara Pika recite post ni tau, hehe! happy new year sayang, may 2015 brings nothing but the best for you ^_^ jemput melawat blog Mieza, dia dah tukar baju tau sempena tahun baru ni ;) tapi construction banyak lagi kne repair cuma tak berapa nak obvious.

    1. Happy New Year Mieza! ehehee.. yahhh, I'm writting this post while I'm talking. lawakk kan but thats how I did it usually. Thank you for the wishes.. I sudah melawat blog you yang baru yang cantik tuuu! eheheee..

  3. happy new yearr sis pika wiwiwwi