Friday, January 30, 2015

Congratulation Asyik Izas and Giorgio Izas


Assalammualaikuma and Hello everyone !

Another my blogger buddy dah Kahwin. I wish a very Happy Married life to Kak Asyik and Abg Gio. I was invited to their wedding at Penang. YEAHHH! Penang Babes. Can you imagine from Kl we travel to Penang just to attend Kak Asyik and Abg Gio's wedding. Kak Suzai and I were planning to go to Kak Asyik's wedding and dah alang-alang tu we will go for shortgetaway at Penang [will story about it]. The first reasons that we willing to travel far to Kak Asyik's wedding is we seem close with Kak Asyik ever since we start blogging until me becoming friend in real life. The first moment I meet Kak Asyik was on Fair & Lovely event. I still remember that, during that time I ask if Kak Asyik free to join an event and invite her to join the Fair & Lovely event. There was the first moment I meet Kak Asyik in person other than that we also chit chat on media social. After that wee keep meet up more on events and so on. She is a very soft and nice person so far I know her. Well, she older than me tho so I stiil have to show my respect to her as a sister. Thats my behaviour that I cannot make someone older then me as my friends because that what I've been teach by my parents since I was a little girl. They always teach me to respect the eldest. Unless they resist me to call them sister lahh because out age gap is not to much. Heheee.. Kak Asyik married to Abg Gio who also a blogger. He is a very friendly person and nice. I was suprise because Abg Gio lose his weight a lot and he look a lot thinner then the first time I meet him. So proud of you Abg Gio. Share la tips sikit. Eheee~ What can I say that they are just meant to be together..Such a sweet couple. Eheee~

I wish both of you have a blast marrige. May Allah bless both of you. Stay healthy and happy!
Till we meet again Kak Asyik and Abg Gio..

Till then, xoxo

Ohh wait! 

Showing some teaser photo of me go for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia at Penang!
Will story about my shortgetaway at Penang soon! #syafiqahhashimxoxogoholiday

Thank you for reading this ;)