Sunday, January 18, 2015

Be a Selfie FLASHER with Alcatel Onetouch Flash


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone..
Who love selfie? Put your hands in the air. yeahhh..Sepp sikit! Well, selfie is a very common nowadays. I also love selfie and I think guys a.k.a Kaum Adam also has start to take their selfie so don't just girls only. Hahahaa..

Here my Selfie, Pardon my not so flawless face. Well, I have skin breakout now tapi still gigih nak selfie..ngeee~

Wait! why so sudden talk about selfie?? I have a good new for those who love selfie. Introducing Alcatel Onetouch Flash Smartphone. Basically Alcatel Onetouch is a French brand smartphone. This brand were selected as among the top 10 best selling smartphone brand in 2013 along side with Samsung, Lenovo and many more. Alcatel is among a strong conteder for Xiaomi that is a reasonable priced phone with a strong features. This brand also a highly penetrated in Europe and US market with a high quality handsets. 
Alcatel Onetouch has launched a New smartphone recently in Malaysia. It is called Onetouch Flash. This smartphone will be available for sales starting early December 2014. The main creation of this smarphone is the best as for selfie lovers. Yihaaaa~ eheeee.. Why so special for selfie? Becasue the feautre come with 5MP HD Front Camera with 13MP Full HD back Camera. I tell you your picture gonna come out nicely and sharp. Plusssss the front camera also have a beauty enhancer mode and you don't have to add another apps to edit your picture. Thumbs up! Hahahaa..

The screen size is 5.5 inches HD that have a better view especially for selfie. Alcatel Onetouch Flash is a collaboration with HYDRASKINS to create a fashionable look of a smartphone that will suitable used by any generation especially teenagers. See, not only just a simply a smartphone but it also fashion accessory with its premiun design with HYDRASKIN. . 

Let's watch this animation video about Alcatel Onetouch Flash.
Nicely animation made specially to compare the speciality of this smartphone. 

As for this year, Alcatel Onetouch launch a campaign #BEaFlasher to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies. I also don't want to miss this chance and I have posted in my Instagram include the #BEaFlasher

You can check out more about #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and Facebook by clicking the hashtag link.You don't have to wait to purchase. You will get the smartphone by hand on that moment

For more info on Onetouch Flash, visit:-

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