Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WHY? WHY? Why I hold any product reviews?


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!

Ahaaaaa..If you have noticed that I have stop and hold from doing any Product review post recently. 
I'm not only busy but right now I had a skin breakouts. Yahhh! since I finished my practical until now I was keep doing anything to heal my breakouts. I guess this breakout is due to unbalanced hormone and stress from surrounding. My breakout is about to getting better then before. I wish it will keep getting better time by time. I really need my skin to heal.

How the breakout feels? GOSH! It's annoyed my all the time!!! Grrrrrrr...
What I'm facing right now is that the old acne was about to slow down but another acne pop-out. I got so many acne scars all over my check and forehead area. My skin was not as smooth as before. Sometime it feel a bit irritated. I feel like itchy as well on the breakout area. I have try soo many things to heal my breakouts. From product to another product and I also have tried traditional way for my breakout recovery. But nothing working for now or it may working but need more time. So I guess I need to wait for this breakouts recover my itself. What I need is a time. Yahhhh...!

GOSHHH! I was so in love doing a Product Review! I love to try out new product and share how the product works or not for me. Share with my readers about what I like and this and that but I think I have to hold from doing that in the moment. I'm soo sad for me myself and also I want to apologies to my dear readers and to any PR who offer me via email to do a product review for them. I know my action will effect my blogging work opportunity in future but I also hope that you guys can understand my situation. I was doing this for good.

Other than that, I was soooo soooo busy with my study life As I was advised from my family to give more focus for my study and I did what they wanted and I have to keep my blogging less then I used to. I know right! Students... blerghhhh... Hahahaaa..

But, I promise that I will keep active after this and will not let my blog alone. wuuhuuu..
I will share with you guys about my activity more after this. I hope you will keep reading my blog and enjoy it. I'm very sorry if I have done any wrong towards you guys. truly am from the bottom of my heart..

Just wish and pray that my skin will recover by any time soon. Aminnnnn..
I also wish that I have an extra time! Ahaaaa...
Thanks for understand my current situation. May God bless you..

Thank you for reading this :)



  1. Boleh high five la kita Pika, Mieza masa sem 5 dengan 6 (tahun akhir) kena acne outbreak teruk gila sampai tahap confidence jatuh gaung. dahlah stress keje + FYP bertambah lagi dengan stress tgk muka sendiri. macam2 benda jugak pakai, tapi depends lah kadang2 it works kadang2 it does not. sabar jelah. siap dapat allergic makanan (kalau makan cheese, carbonara, keluar jerawat satu batalion) yang selama ni tak penah2 kena. Pika jangan stress sangat tau, I've been there and gone through it. Lama2 nanti kulit akan okay insyaAllah.

    1. Wahh..mieza pun hadapi masalah yang sama ehhh.. So far pika memang takde allergic makanan but pika rasa due to stress and environmental factors lahh.. atau hormon beruh.. my skin are getting better now but ada lg acne scars apa semua..huhuuu..I hope dpt recover cepat...grrr.. feeling annoyed! hehehee..

  2. Ala pikaaa... Even with skin problems pika still nampak catnip. Miss you babe! Bila nak jumpa?

    1. Miss you too babe! kita meet up dekat wedding Kak Sabby nnti keyhh..
      btw, thank you soo much! muahhh..