Thursday, October 02, 2014

Power of Red with Shiseido Ultimune


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
If you followed me on INSTAGRAM of course you wil notice that I update about my recent event last Saturday on 27 September 2014 . Wahh.. Still can manage my time properly between study and blogging thinggy. Hehehee.. I was invited to the launch of Shiseido Ultimune at Pavilion and Shiseido also introduce their new ambassador for Shiseido Ultimune product that is Izara Aishah. 

After the 20 years of research and development, ULTIMUNE is finally here. Beyond just focusing on your current skin concerns, ULTIMUNE supports natural skin function to maximize its own ability. So women of every age, ethnicity and skin type can experience the untapped power that lives within their skin adn always has. The power to maintain strong skin is a beautiful reality, noww and over time. Experience the strong, beautiful skin ULTIMUNE brings. You will feel your skin recharged with the ultimately smooth and supple skin. Keep you skin strong, trouble-resistant that skin's natural power to fight against damage is at work. You skin will also remains beautiful over time because it has natural strength to maintain its beauty. 

 Getting some lips makeover form Shiseido Makeup Artist. I choose a very red lipstick I don't remember the code is and the lipstick is also from Shiseido cosmetics.

A special contest for guest that day is to smooch our powerful red lips and show your best kisses on a piece of paper. So, a picture above shows my powerful red kisses. How was my smooch? I have to admit that I have a big lips though. Huhuu..

While waiting for the event to officially starts, I mingle with other beauty bloggers that invited to this event. I meet Shivani, Kelly, The Chency and also make a new friends, I meet Sasha and Zoey. It was nice to mingle with them that day. I know they all look so beautiful while I look like an apple on the picture above. Huhh~

And the event are officially start after Izara Aishah coming out from the backstage. 
Some introduction from Izara with the emcee of the day. Share about her experience using Shiseido Ultimune. How she keep her skin good and what so ever.

How sweet! Shiseido throw a surprise birthday party for Izara Aishah that day as well. Wahhh, she must be really happy. and the cake are so gorgeous ! Happy Birthday Izara Aishah. Stay pretty :)

She is so pretty! I just can't believed that we are at the same age. Sebaya okehhhh! 
but she beautiful then me of course..

The closer look of the product it self that is Shiseiso Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. This product come with two sizes that is 30ml and 50ml bottle.

If you looking for a product that can help to keep your skin stronger and fresh you can choose Shiseido Ultimune. I can say that this product is not that affordable but you buy this for your skin looking better and stronger. For the best result is to apply every morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin. If you used a serum, apply Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate first to enhance the benefits of following treatment.

Thank you for reading this 

xoxo from Pika

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