Wednesday, October 01, 2014

My Randow Week [22 -28 Sept 2014]


As usual, I will update about my random week post. I know I'm late updating this due to sooo busy with assignments and I don't have a really good internet connection. However, I still try my best to update about my story for the last week. 

Tadaaa~ Hehehe..when come in mood to cooking this is what I love to do and experiment about. Actually I saw a picture on Facebook where people always share about on how to be creative to decorate your meals and what so ever in the easiest way. So I decide to try this out myself and I'm loving it. Will improve more and try more menu later.. wee~

Well, This is basically me forcing my housemate to snap a picture of me before going to class..hehehee... I'm normally will go for class with glasses on because I'm soo rabunnn..hehehee..

On Wednesday at night, I spend a quality time with my classmate. We go for bowling at MITC, Melaka. Tell you what man, I suck at bowling. Everytime I throw the ball confirm masuk longkang and tak stike langsung. Hahahaa.. So, I have to practice more for bowling I guess. Hahahaa.. Malu jaa~~


If you follow me on instagram you will see this picture right. On Saturday, I balik KL balik rumah and I'm soo happy I was invited to the Shideido Ultimune event. It was a blast for me. I really like it and get opportunity try shiseido product and meet with the new ambassador, Izara Aishah I will story more details about this event on another post. 

Sunday is the time for me to spend time with my family. Well, Daddy Daughter day out! Hehehee...
We went to IKANO to go to Popular Book Store cause I want to buy some books, notes and stationery for my study. We go for a steamboat for our lunch at The Steamboat Ketam Village. I never been here, this is my first time trying their steamboat but my sister she already tried this place but not bad la..sedap and we all kenyang :) At night, I went back to Melaka cause on Monday I goy class. No more cuti on Monday huhuhuuu..

Overall, I spend my week really busy and good I guess..

Thank you for reading this :)

xoxo from Pika


  1. pikaaaaa akak terliur tengok foodie tu...buatkan untuk akak boleh...thee hee hee...

    1. shaa allah.. ada masa nanti pika buat kan ehh..tapi tak tahu la bila.. teehee~

  2. comelnya breakfast plate! terasa lapar pulak tengok dia decorate comey2 like that. Hahaha

  3. i spent my week slaving at the hospital's mart as a part timer, no fun in life at all. hahaha! suka tengok pika punya food art, buat lagi banyak2!!