Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Random Week [6 - 12 Oct 2014]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone...

Another random week post. Last week was my mid-term break. So I cuti for a week and I do enjoy my break without doing any assignment. Kekekekee.. I don't know why with me but everytime I at home I just can't study. Hahaa.. My habit cause I find my home is a place to enjoy and rest. I know I'm not really good student. Teeheee.. What I do during my break. Most of the time I spend just relax. Jyeahhhh!

Some couple check list of the month. Once I really craving for Durian Crepe and I found one. I was about to go alter my t-shirt that time and I passed by the stall that sell Durian Crepe and I was so excited cause I've been looking for this a long time ago. Another check list I've done for this month is that wash my car by me myself. Yeahhh.. I really satisfied after wash my car myself cause I feel like I can really clean my car really well pluss I know if there is any strtches or stain on my bee. Ohh well, If you all followed me awhile know that I call my car Bee. Hehehee.. 

I spend a quality time with my girlfriends. It is been awhile since four of us meet up together. We started out friendship since in school time. That day we chit chat and decide to meet up since I was on my mid-term break and four of us free. We go for a food hunt. Yeahhh.. My friend suggest to eat at the Boat Noodle. This is my first time eating at Boat Noodle. I heard this place is quite famous. So, we spend out time at Empire Damansara that day. We do some photoshoot moment and chit chat. At the evening we also go hunt for food. hehehee.. Ayooyooo.. Hancur diet ioulsss..

I still able joining a blogger event that day on Saturday. I was invited to Dettol Ph Balance event. I will story more about it later on. More more details and I will share how amazing is New Dettol Ph is. I also meet up with bloggers buddy! wahhh..mishhh emmm much!

Thank you for reading this ;)

xoxo from Pika

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  1. pika sedap x mkn kt boat noodle tu?..akk dh byk kali nk pg tp xsempat lg..:)