Tuesday, October 07, 2014

My Random Week [29 Sept - 5 Oct 2014]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
How you guys doing? How was you cuti recently? I know all Muslim all over the world celebrate Raya Aldiladha right and did you guys also eat a lot of daging korban? Cause I do ! Hahahaa.. As usual, I will update a story about my random week for last week. 

 andddd typical me!
Every time before I go to classes I will ask my housemate to took a photo of me posing like a student cause I am. Hahaha.. As for my study life. I do have a lot of assignment and regarding the story of my friend who betrayed me she already admit about her faults after I show an obvious proof about her lying stuff and suka putar belit cerita. Goshh! This is my first time facing such a bad person ever. I used to trust her but not anymore! I learn my lesson and I decide not to be a friend with her anymore cause I don't want to be the victim again. After what she did, I just can't forgive her. She is so dam mean and cruel friend ever! but I'm still glad that I have a lot of friend who like to be friend with me and trust & believed me. Fuhhhh~ I know I still can survive without her of course! So, just in case she reading this. I hope you can change to be a better person after what have you done and just don't aspect me to be your friend anymore. Don't ask why just go see a mirror. Daaaaaa~ Hahahaa..

 Yeahh! I have watch Annabelle. I'm not a fan of horror movie obviously I don't like any movie regarding ghost and what so ever but the reason I really want to watch this because I have watch The Conjuring and I do curious about the doll name Annabelle in the movie Hahaha.. So, My classmate plan to watch the movie together another quality time we spend together and guess what. I scream all the time!! HAHAHAA.. even when the scary part a little I scram like super loud in the cinema..hahahaha.. Overall, I don't like horror movie! Hahahahaa..

Hello its Friday! everyone excited to go back to their hometown of course cause It's Raya Qurban holiday plus our Mid-Semester break. So I cuti seminggu this week. I go back to KL at night time cause I want to do laundry first before I go back home I don't want to bring my big bag just to do laundry at my house and bring the cloths back to Melaka and it is better for me to do laundry over there and srttle everything so I just bring the stuff that I only need. Hehehee..and I'm not in rush though.

 There you go! My Aidiladha moment for 2014! Well, this is also our first Aidiladha without my mom. She used to say that Aidiladha is the most precious Raya compare to Raya Aidilfitri because It has meaning of its own and I decide to celebrate it very well every year! I miss my mom but Allah lagi sayangkan dia. Anyway, I perform my solat sunat aidiladha at Masjid Kota Damansara with my Dad and brother. The khutbah that day is about the last khutbah of Nabi Muhammad to all muslim people before He passed away.

After Solat Sunat Raya I go for sembelih and melapah daging qurban time. Do some gotong royong works of course. Hehehee.. 
I got the feeling of hari raya aidiladha that day, how about you?

 On Sunday night, My sister, brother and I, kami Balik Kampung at Perak. My dad and lil sister tak nak ikut so just the three of us! Hehehee..beraya rumah orang memala bute from Langkap ke Teluk Intan and final destination is Tapah and we slept at out aunt house at Tapah with my others sedara mara. So meriahhhhh! My big family are soo riuhhh and sakan all the time! I don't know how to describe it but they are so loud! Hahahaa.. At the morning we have out big breakfast with daging qurban and after makan we get ready to another sedara house at Behrang. Where I can feel suasana kampung cause I don't have kampung anymore. Sobssss...

Soooooo..thats how my week recab! Hahahaa..
Thank you for reading this ;)

xoxo from Pika

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