Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Random Week [20-26 Oct 2014]


Assalammualaikum and hello everyone ..
Ohooo.. It's Thursday already and I was late to update about my random week post!

Ahaaaa.. Typical me on typical tuesday.. Class, class and more class. Never mind focus on your study pika. Bersusah-susah dahulu, Bersenang-senang kemudian. In Shaa Allah. Wish me luck on my study life guys..

On Depavali Holiday, My classmate and I we go for a picnic and BBQ at Air Terjun Sagil. BBQ-ing is like a must have every semester for us. Just a group of a friend spend some quality time together. Since it is been awhile for me went to Air Terjun i wan't miss a chance nak mandi kan. Plus, the menu that day was great, my classmate was very rajin and they prepared everything. The menu that day we have chicken, beef, meatball, sweet potato and many more. This is a good idea for those who want to spend some quality time with your friend besides go out for a movie or something. Why not try picnic and BBQ-ing time with your friends. Let's share the joy together..

On the weekend, Saturday if I'm not mistaken.. As my friend promise me to show a cafe at Melaka called Calathe Art Cafe. This cafe turns out to be a famous place in Melaka. Thanks to my friend for show me this place. I will story more details about this cafe on my nest post. Wait yahhh..

Last minute plan, watching movie, horror film titled "OUIJA" ! I'm not a fan of horror movie. If I have a list of movie, horror would be the last of course since my friend are curious about this movie so I was terjebak jugak that day. End up, I think this is not that scary lahhhh.. hahahaaa..! I'm not really suggest you to watch this better go for "Love, Rosie" instead cause I heard that the story-line was good. I will watch that movie later. errrrr, maybe or maybe not. ahahahaa.. 

Thank you for reading this !


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  1. wahhh lama xdtg sni hahahha blog dh jd student life lol hehehhe bagos awk x study kat area sni klu idok sebok g event je la ye...btol tu bersusah2 dulu iAllah akn senang kmudian. STUDY HARD OK !!! good luck in whtever u r doing adik ahkak yer.. har g usha blog sempat plak akk mein tagging2 lg lol klu free buat la pstu gtau akk ok suka hati ok :)