Monday, September 22, 2014

My Random Week [15-21 Sept 2014]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !

What I do for the last week? I have started to go for classes but most class are cancel cause no lecturer but some class already started and also lecturer have start teach. I have to focus for my study but at the same time I also want to have fun. Well, I'm not really clever and top student I'm just an ordinary and average student and wish I can finish my degree on time. I have to struggle more for future. Problems always come but it is up to use to solve it. I do have a problem with one of my friend that she betrayed me and I decide to ignore about her and do what ever I want. I just can't forgive her because I was hurt so so much. Well, I can survive even when I'm alone cause I know my family always with me. The reason I can stay strong because I have my family if not I will fall apart. Wish me luck with my study life yahhhh~

I'm sooooo happy meeting up with my housemate back. They are really nice and happy. We always share our laughter together and also story morry. Well, everyone has different attitude for sure but I'm totally comfortable with them sebab sekepala. I do not feel any pressure or stress when I'm with them and I hope our friend-family-ship will last longer. During evening or night, if we have time we will play badminton in fornt of our house. hahahaa.. Asal boleh...

On Saturday, I spend some time with my classmate and bump with my friends. 

The reason I agree to go out that day because I want to watch "The Maze Runner". All my friends suggest to watch this and most of them say BEST! Wahhh.. I have to agree with them sebab memang best. Hehehee... For those yang belum tengok, you can go watch it now. I fall in love with Minho in this movie. Wahhhhhh....hahahaaaa... By the way, I upload the picture above on my instagram and my friends start to comment that I look kurus but I'm wayyyy far from kurus. I'm still fat though but maybe they way I dress up and I posed for the picture make me look slightly smaller or kurus but I'm not. I'm wayyyy far from that but I will try my best to kuruskan badan. Wish me luck ehhh!

After movie, we go to Klebang, Melaka for dinner. Well, currently at Klebang they have the stall in the old vintage bus. So, merasa gak makan dekat situ. Eating kuetiaw goreng with otak-otak. Yumm yummm..I heard that this Bus stall were opened like the last few month to attract tourist to come. What I can say that you have to find the best stall to get the best food cause not all stall selling good food. you know what I mean kannnn..hehehee,,Well, I guess that all what I can randomly share with you ouls..

Thank you for reading this

xoxo from Pika

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  1. study elok2 and have fun Pika ^_^ kalau plan nk dtg bandar Melaka masa takde kelas tu bgtau la, boleh jumpa kot sebab Mieza kat Melaka je for now :)