Monday, September 15, 2014

My Random Week [8-14 Sept 2014]


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone!
What I'm doing for the last whole week. As I mention before, I just finish my intership and I have a week before I go back to Jasin. I made up my own cuti since I don't get enough cuti due to my internship period. Hehehee.. I know I'm not a good student though. But I know normally on the first week of study my classes has not started yet so let me enjoy my cuti for a week yahh. Well, I spend my time really well I guess. I meet and hangout with my friends since I don't really have much time.

I attend an event for Zalora, its been awhile since I went to an events. You can read more details about this event on HERE

I meet up with my lovey-dovey sista, Kak Suzai, she belanja me Sup Tulang Kambing..OMGGG! Sedapp sangat..hahaha. Actually Kak Suzai called me she said that she mengidam for Sup Tulang Kambing. and I just say okayyy of course cause I love kambing as well. I pick her at her house since our house sangaaat dekat! Hahahaa. Then We go to Mutiara Damansara, the restaurant is in the TESCO Building called QBistro. I bet this place is quite famous lahh. This is my very first time going there and I will go again after this if I want to eat kambing. Hahahaa. We sembang-sembang and gelak tak ingat dunia punya. My stomach almost explode that night. 

On Wednesday, I went to Spa with Wiida at Sri Petaling. Thank you so much Wiida darling belanja me and I was so happy that time. The day I went out with Wiida I eat a looooot! We go to Upstairs Cafe having out evening break/tea something like that and then for dinner she bought me to Ikea and we having meatball. It's been a long time for me tak makan meatball. Hahahaa.. Another feeling Happy! We gossiping and sembang tak henti. pot pet pot pet all the time Hahahaa.. Orang table sebalah dah saling bertukar ganti but we still there. It was nice dating with her. 

On thursday, I feel like not doing anything. And suddenly my friend, Biah wassap me cause she want to eat Korean Food. Well, I'm not doing anything that time so why not I teman my friend cause she mengidam kimchi katanya. Wahh, So many people mengidamm..Hahahaa! The whole week, My intsgram full with food pictures. Hahaaa.. I also feel happy dapat makan Korean Food! Usually, listen to the song, watch the korea reality show and KDrama Hehehee.. I'm not really Kpoperss but I know lahh about Korea Entertaiment this is all because of  Running Man! Hahahaa...

On Friday and Saturday. I just tidy up my room, do some cleaning works and play with makeup! Hahahaa.. Main-main makeup my favorite! hehehee.. After day I packed my stuff because I have to go back to Jasin. I packed a lot of stuff. Hahaha. Sampai kena bawak my family car to Jasin cause to many stuff plus I also bring a study table which need a lot of space. On Sunday, I ready to go back to Jasin and now I at Jasin, Melaka already! Hahahaa. Yesteday, I was clear and tidy up a bit and unpacked all my stuff. I did it on just one night and everything complete. YES! Now, I have my own study table and space. I also have a closet. I'm happy. As you can see the picture above this is my current rental house located at Taman Merlimau Bestari, Merlimau Melaka. Hahaha..nak mention full jugak tu. 

That all my last week summary story!

I will starts to share about My Random Week Activity after this. I just want to keep this as my memories and to keep remind me what have I done the whole week. Hahahaa. If I got time I will keep updating My Reandom Week Activity. I hope you guys enjoy reading this !

Thank you for reading this :)

xoxo from Pika!