Friday, September 05, 2014

My Internship has ended


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone! Guess what?? My Internship period has finally ended. I will be back to KL tomorrow and I was super excited cause I've been "looked up" for almost a month but it is not really that bad. I learn a lot of new things over here. I meet very nice people and also make a new friends. My Intership story was a sad and depressed story at the beginning because I was betrayed by my friend who I really trust at the first and I have to go to intership in Kuantan, Pahang alone [girl] but I set my mind to stay strong and keep praying to Allah for the best all the time and He always The Best and Mighty, I do learn a lot of things and experience a lot. Syukur, Alhamdulillah. Thank you very much! 

During my intership period also I lost My Grandmother #ALFatihah . I was so sad but I still have to stay strong. Allah will not give you a difficult task that you could not bare. As the time passed, I finally finished my internship period. I was glad and a little bit sad because I don't stand a chance to ronda-ronda at Kuantan due to the short period of time but anyway ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi Kuantan. My Intership period was only  8 weeks and less for me because I was late for report for duty due to the problem of accommodation. I have to find a rental house over there and thanks to my dad who have a friends that can help him to help me find a rental house. I know you tongue get twisted right now just don't get confuse. Hehee.. 

So here some picture that I would like to share with you guys if you wondering what I'm doing in the time of my internship. hehee.. I guess you can tell that this is The Other Side of Me that you'll rarely see before because the course I take is different and quite adventure for me but I'm starting to like it. Alhamdulillah. Hewhewheww..

Here some filed works. Well not all day I will do this. We only do a filed work on the morning and after that we go back to office to get some rest and read books and note down our activities on the log book. Hee..

This is where they do a Majlis Perpisahan for us before we're leaving from this company. They also give us this gift as a appriciation and memory for us. Thank you so much! I like it. I can keep my bunch pencil into the holder with shape of rubber plant in pink color.

Overall, I really happy doing my internship here. The staff are really nice and share their knowledge with us. Give us new experience and so on what so ever. I'm glad that I'm doing my practical here even-tho it is far from my home but I meet new friends and get new experience everyday! Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. I've been though a tough time on the first place but at the end I was happy here. After this I'll busy with finishing my Reports and Presentation. Arghhhh.. Before that, let me enjoy myself first yahh..Heheee!

Thank you for reading this