Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hilary Duff make her comeback. Yeahhh!


Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone !
Good Morning :)

I know as you can see on the title. I bet everyone already know about it right because you can heard her song keep playing on radio and social media. Tell you what, I'm huge fan of Hilary Duff since Lizzie McGuire and I keep following updates about Hilary Duff until now! Seriously, I respect her so much as she can be a good icon for celebrity because we all know that she has nomuch controversy and she stop her career for awhile and choose to be married and now happy with her adorable son, Luca ! I know I'm her stalker, I followed her Intagram and Facebook Page always love how she updates her story life without covering. 

See! How cute they are.. You can follow her instagram for more direct updates from her. All picture credited to Hilary Duff's instagram. Love Yaaa Hilary :)

And after I know she make her comeback, I was like sooooo happy. After her first song come out "Chasing the Sun" I was like go find on youtube and the music video was great! I love how creative is the music video plus her cute reaction! Awhhh, touch! and then she come out with the addicted song called "All about You" . Yes, the song keep rolling in my head. I love how catchy the song is. Lalalalaaa~~

I writing this as her fan from Malaysia. 
Seriously! I'm fan of Hilary Duff!

You can check out her music video on Youtube. 

"Chasing the Sun"

"All about You"

I love her song since ever. starting from "So Yesterday", "Fly", "Come Clean", "Why Not", With Love", "Stranger" and soo many more! Her new comeback song was great as well.. really proud cause I've been a huge fan girl of Hilary Duff! Can't wait for her comeback in movie or drama after this.. Yeahhhh...

*Pssssttt.. other than Hilary Duff, I choose Selena Gomez as my favourite as well. 

Hehehee. That all guys! Thank you for reading this :)

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