Monday, July 07, 2014

Beauty: Elishacoy Always Nuddy and Always Triple BB Cream


Hello everyone!

I was at home right now, since there a few days gaps before my final paper for this semester. This semester is quite a little bit down for me because there is no semester break for me. I have to go for internship during my semester break...wuuuuuu T___T Raya Jauuuuhhh! Sobss. I got my internship at LGM Pahang. Woww, quite far from my house and let's think for the positive side where I can get along with new environment and meeting new people..hehehee.. Nervous Nervous  HAHAHAA..! Okay, That's all a little brief about my life as a student, hewhewheww..

This post is actually another product that I'm excited to share with you girlssss and guys pun boleh. The product is from Elishacoy. This brand Elishacoy are made in Korea and well-known over there. The product that I want to share is a BB cream from their collection. That is Always Nuddy BB24 Cream and Always Triple BB Cream. This product suitable for those who love a very light and smooth cover on you face. If you are a BB Cream kinda person, please keep on reading because you might get excited to try this out. Plus keep on reading because I have a good news to share with my readers :)

This is how the product looks like. I snap the picture together.
As you can see on the picture that on the left with a black packaging is a Elishacoy Always Triple BB Cream and whereas on the right with a beige packaging is Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24 Cream. As for the packaging rate I can give a good rate because mine was on the small tube which is 15ml and this are suitable for travelling and easy to carry, Plus is has a tube at the edge where we can control the amount that we desired to used so no waste of product. The packaging is quite friendly I can say.

Let me give a short explaination about each BB Cream and the functional. 

1) Elishacoy Always Triple BB Cream

Net weight: 15ml
Made in: Korea

This multifuctional product protects skin from the sun, improves wrinkles and whitens skin. It can be used as makeup base or foundation. Not only the product naturally tones skin but it also conceals any imperfections. Natural ingredients like royal jelly and caviar help to protect and improve skin. Broad-spectrum UV filters SPF30 PA+++ protects againts both UVA and UVB rays. Formula is water resistant and supplies essential moisture and nutrients to skin. Contains skin-soothing botanicals for sensitive skin, Effect more to skin whitening, wrinkle improvements and UVA & UVB protection with SFP 30 PA+++, Apply liberally to all exposed skin at the end of your skin care routine and then gently pat to enhance absorption.

Price: RM35.00

2) Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24 Cream

Net weight: 15ml
Made in: Korea

This BB cream is more for Soothing & Moisturizing. Essential source designed to feel and look like your natural skin with a long-lasting formula. Natural botanical extracts combined with minimized amount of harsh chemical ingredients help sooth your skin. Suitable for trouble skin type as well. Excellent for protecting and improving the look of your skin, It also gets absorbed quickly without feeling greasy. Long-lasting formula protects your sensitive skin and covers any imperfections for all day long. You can apply this using your hand or sponge to apply a small amount to your face in the order of check, foreheads and chin, Gently pat or blot your face to dry.

Price: RM29.00

The texture for both BB Cream. The texture is almost the same but the color might have slightly different as you can see on the picture. but once you blends this two together it will hydrating according to your skin tone. 

To be honest. I'm not a really BB kinda of person but I think this BB Cream works amazing. I recommended this for those who have a good skin with a little blemish because this will work fantastic on your skin. It will make you skin look fresh, smooth and a slightly glow. I love the texture of this BB cream it is quite different from any bb cream that I have tried before. The texture of this bb cream is good because even with my skin condition right now that currently in some breakout the bb cream still work amazing. But it help with a light cover on my blemish so I still need to used concealer on my eyebag and blemish area. But still it does help me to look a very clean smooth natural finish. I normally mix this 2 bb together when I apply because both have different functional. I found that this bb cream quite lasting even on my oily and sweaty skin but for a light to medium coverage only. No weird smell of each BB's. No irritating effect on my skin when applied. Still worth I guess. I hope you like my review.

Where you can get this product?
you can go to Supermodel Secrets websites to purchase.

" Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"
SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
Instagram: @supermodels_secrets

I have a GOOD NEWS! 
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  1. Pika you look so beautiful!!!! And that lipstick colour oh my it suits you very well ^_^

  2. I am not really a bb cream fan too.. but I shall try it since you recommended ! :D

  3. suka blog akak =D
    first sebab akak comel second blog akak dalam english ..buleh saya improve english=)