Saturday, June 28, 2014

WIW: Bright & Happy Colors


Hello everyone !

Tomorrow Ramadhan Begins!! Alhamdulillah once again I feel blessed and happy that I'm still able to celebrate this Holly month of Ramadhan where all Syaitan will be away and only the time for us to ibadah to Allah. I wish my Ramadhan will be better than last year. But I'm feel a little down because this year Ramadhan is the first year Ramadhan without my mom. I miss her so badly, even last few days I dream of her. I can't really recall what was the dream about but it is totally happy feel but once I woke up I realize that My Mom already passed away and starts to tears. Sobsss.. Al-Fatihan for my mom..! May all of you have a blessed Ramadhan. Amin :)

I actually don't want to tell a sad story here, but I could't resist it. However, Let me just proceed with my WIW Post. I want to share my lookpost that I recently wear to The Safi Shayla Makeover Session last Sunday. I will update you the story latter and share with you who is the winner..hehee..As if you follow my Instagram you will definitely know..kekekee...The Outfit that I'm wearing that day is a bit colourful and cheerful as I try to bring a friendly character..hahaha..Funny! My look is totally happy and colourful which have a combination of pink and turquoise. This color combination was totally up and strike. I match this look with a burgundy pashmina and I place a statement necklace on top of it. I just can't get enough with this style. I got a lot of request for this tutorial. But right now I'm totally super busy since I'm on Final Examination now. Actually If you search on Youtube there are more than 100 tutorials can show you but If you still want me to do it I will help you but just as a reminder that I'm no pro just simple style okay laa..and I also cannot really promise when but I will try my best :) By the way, thank you soo much for supporting me. May Allah bless you!!

What I Wear:
Scarf: Pashmina
Pink Blazer: Vintage
Maxi Skirt: The Old Blossom Box
Statement Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vincci Accessories

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. be strong okay Pika, your mom is in better place now and I'm sure that she wants you to be happy :) speaking of moms, today (sabtu 28jun2014) my best friend in uitm also lost her mom due to cancer. kesian dia, esok nak puasa harini mak dia pergi. i hope both of you my dear friends will keep strong to go through this life even your beloved mothers are now far away. we are all lent by Allah to this world and thus we shall always remember that for everything yang dipinjamkan, ia akan kembali kepada Pencipta. salam ramadhan to Pika and your family :')

    1. Thank you for your advice mieza..always positive and support me.. *Hugss!!

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