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Spend your Weekend at Bazaar Bayahista 2014 (7 & 8 JUNE)


Hello Sweeties,

You have no idea where to spend your weekend this 7 & 8 June 2014..Let me give you a great idea.. How about you go to Bazaar Bayahista 2014 !! This is a great place where you can spend a quality time with your Family, Friends, BFF, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiancé, Husband/Wife and Cousins or anyone special..This is the most suitable place for you to spend some quality time together!

 As you can see on this beautiful Banner/Poster/Flyers..[all in one..hehehee]
This Bazaar Bayahista will be held on this weekend! YES THIS WEEKEND!!! Woohooo!
Don't forget ehhhh..The location for thia Bazaar Bayahista was on Red Carpet Avenue - Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara..Wahhh!! My new listed favorite place to hangout and santai-santai..very beautiful place! This bazaar will start on 10.00 a.m untl 7.00 p.m. for two days in a row! Makesure you don't miss this out...

This Bazaar Bayahista 2014 are suitable for all especially for you, yes you.for those who are in love with FASHION!!! OMGGG!! You can find a lot of Fashion, Beauty and Health stuff over there!
Well, Bazaar Bayahista 2014 is where it put all young entrepreneur, selling business online and for Muslimah Fashion Lover!! You can find from all online brand here but this time you not only can see the product they selling but you also can feel, smell, test and try all the product by, no hesitation on buying the product..

Not just that, On that day, There will also have Muslimah fashion Show from famous boutique like Ammara, Minaz, Eja Shahril Collection, Sarung Anggun, Eiman Damia, Hijabella Safiyya, Hijria Home, Awni, Leeyana Rahman and Atikah Exclusive! Wahhhh!! FASHION SHOWWW..Weeeeee~~

Great Announcement to be inform that Najwa Latiff also going to be there to do a special performance for the crowds on that day!! Wahhhh..she is such talented singer..her voice superbbb...!

Bazaar Bayahista 2014

Bazaar Bayahista was organize by Moslema In Style..Moslema In Style is active in expert in handling Events and Fashion Show for Muslimah in Malaysia..You can check out their website for more information..This event were sponsor by Pergerakan Puteri Umno Malaysia (Puteri Umno) , Yang Berhormat Mas Ermieyati Samsudin (Ketua Puteri Umno) , and Biro Ekonomi & Usahawan Puteri Umno Malaysia..

Aturcara :
7hb Jun 2014 (Sabtu)
10:00 pagi – Persembahan dari ASWARA
11:00 pagi – Tutorial Hijab oleh Emii Dura (
12:30 tgh – Make Up Demo oleh Nouvelles Vissages ( )
2.30 petang – Perasmian oleh Menteri Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek
3.30 petang – Pertunjukan Fesyen Muslimah oleh Butik Eja Shahril Collection, Sarung Anggun, Ammara, Minaz, Eiman Damia, Hijabella Safiyya, Hijria Home, Awni, Leeyana Rahman dan Atika Exclusive
4:00 petang – Persembahan Artis : NajwaLatiff
5:30 petang – Bicara Fesyen: Tetap Bergaya Tanpa Boros
                      Ahli Panel: Raja Nadia Sabrina – Blogger Fesyen (
                                                    Shea Rasol – Journalis Fesyen  ( )
8 Jun 2014 (Ahad)
10:00 pagi – Kids Talent (Pertandingan Pakaian Beragam)
12:30 tgh – Bicara Usahawan Online
                Ahli Panel :
                1. Puan Yasalma – Pereka Fesyen Muslimah & Guru Jahitan
                2. Puan Mawarni – Pengarah Urusan Cosmoderm (Produk Penjagaan Kulit)
                3. Ahli Panel dari agens kerajaan (MARA)
2.30 petang – Pertunjukan fesyen oleh pelajar tahun akhir jurusan Tekstil UiTM
3.30 petang – Mini Bengkel Jahitan oleh Yasalma
5:00 petang – Persembahan “Busking”

For more information you can keep follow 
Bazaar Bayahista


Moslema In Style

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  1. ala alaaa. 7 8 busy pergi wedding. ke perak pulak tu. xdapat join. huhu