Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rizalman for Zalora


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Again, I really wanted to apologize to all of you for this delay post. I was so busy with assignment, test and quizzes, well you know lah life as a student! Assignment kalau tak bertimbun tak sah..Plus my Final Examination is around the corner now..FUHHH~
Okay SHUSHHHH! I don't want to story about my study life now..hehee..

Anyway, on 3 June 2014, I was invited to the Fashion Show to the Famous Malaysian Designer, Rizalman. This time Rizalman collaborate with ZALORA. The concept is New Age Couture-Driven Designs for the Modern Women. The collection is exclusive that celebrates fashionable elegance and sophistication. 

Rizalman's signature form-fitting cuts and elegant Baju Kurungs take the center stage in this collection, showcasing the evolution of the designer in presenting something new and fresh. embellishments are kept to a bare minimum, as Rizalman focused on the each piece. Jersey, lace, crape silk and georgette silk are used generously in addition to laces and metallic elements that creates and old-world sophistication that only Rizalman could have recreated.

My favorite piece!

Here the Full Video !
really interesting and amazing piece of art work..THUMBS UP!

Rizalman for ZALORA was also an opportunity for the designer to explore new areas of design.
the play of proportions and challenging classic design with new twists from conversation pieces. the outfits are given a modern uplift whilst maintaining the ladylike sensibility of their designs.

Among the fashion bloggers that time.. Akak Suzai, Hezley and Yusfariq

Malaysia hot couple! Love emmm! Friendly and Friendly 

Let's enjoy my selfie picture

such a friendly in person !! AWHHH..Malaysian Supermodel non others than Amber Chia !

left: meet her for the second time. don't have a time to talk because she was so busy with interviews from media..
right: with my blogger buddy, we have same passion in blogging, Shivani! It was nice meeting you that time babe..

Again! My favorite Couple..Awal & Scha :)

Last but not least with The Famous Malaysian Fashion Designer, Rizalman Ruzaini ! #selfie sikit..

I'm totally enjoy myself at the events. Meet up with awesome people! AWHHH...
Rizalman for ZALORA are currently available on and from 4th June and offers fashionistas across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei the chance to own Rizalman's latest collection.
So, Hurry Up and Pick your favourites NOW at ZALORA..!

p/s: I gonna do a special giveaway to brighten up your Hari Raya this year..wuuhuuuu~
HINT: The Fashion Show I attend..So, Stay Tuned !

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  1. cantik cantik semua... range price dia mahal tak piqa?

    i think Rizalman patut dapat datuk lah!

    1. cantikkannn...
      price range dia around RM300-RM1000 gak lahh..ikut design..

  2. salam dik,

    wahhh pegi event fashion show lagi...

    kebetulan sy pun baru post pasal rizalman for zalora... tertarik dgn nama2 unik baju kurung dia :)

    1. w'salam kak,
      dapat jemputan, kalau free pergi je lahh..heee..
      kann..koleksi baju kurung memang cantik sesuai la utk hari raya nnti..