Thursday, June 05, 2014

Miracle Product from Eskayvie [Radianze and i-Qids]


Hello Sweeties,

On the 31st May 2014 a.k.a the last day for month of May..I was invited to Eskayvie Product event..This event were held at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar..Honestly, I never heard of Eskayvie previously because when it come with supplement and nutrient product for daily intake I was like the last person to know about this..because I was too lazy to consume supplement..sometime I have it but not consume it daily..hahahaa..bila rajin makan..bila malas bye bye..hehehee..

-picture credited to The Butterfly Project Facebook Page-

I was excited after I discover the miracle product from Eskayvie that is Radianze and i-Qids !
The product presentation was presented by Dr.Syid..He is the expert and he show us how this product can be benefits for human body..
This just no for beauty but also can consume for health purpose..!

This is Radianze by Eskayvie

woww, I can't believed that I never heard of this product before because it is famous..event my friends from my University know about this product..Now I realise how NOBBB I was..hehehee..Basically, this product is an advanced nutrition for beauty and health. The taste of this product is GOOD! taste like peach and not too sweet to consume..just nice :)

In beauty reviving it can Prevents wrinkles and sagging-skin,, Enhance skin texture and thickness,, Eliminates freckles, blemishes and uneven skin tone,, Boost skin's natural hydration and radiance,, Promotes tissue regeneration to heal injured skin and scars and many more..

In health reviving it can relieved arthritis and joint pain,, promotes cardiovascular health,, improves muscle performance and recovery,, protect brain from strokes, cerebral haemorrhage and dementia,, it also prevents cataract, eye fatigue and eye accommodation loss and so many many more!!

-I box contain 20 sachet .. consume for 1 sachet only every day -

This is i-Qids by Eskayvie

This product suitable not for kids but for adult as well! hehehee..this product is famous among parents who wants their kid get enough nutrient for their body and good for brain functioning as well! The tasty chocolate taste can easily attract any children to drink this..I bet now only children lahh, adult like us as well..hehehe..

There are so many benefits of I-Qids product..It can help develop a stronger body defence, Provide a patent array of immune factors, Helps promote growth and development, Helps support nervous system development, Support memory and alertness, Helps promote brain power and intelligence, and so many more!! definitely suitable for all..I event drink this since I'm still studying...hehehee..

-1 box contain 20 sachet and for kids 1 sachet daily.. For adult 2 sachet daily-

By the way, ESKAYVIE have a lot of others product beside Radianze and I-Qids..
They also have Reverse, Nutrelle, Reduze [i was excited about hsi product because it for weight loss..hehee], and also Skin Care called Hydralisse !
You can check out more on their website ..

Photo group session!
It was a great experience for me.I glad that I know about this product which can help me in terms of health and beauty..
Health and Beauty must come along together for perfection results...

I brought back the products of Radianze and i-Qids
Excited to try this product and see the result of this product..

I would like to show my thanks to Eskayvie and The Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to know more about ESKAYVIE Product! Thank you so much..I had enjoy my self that time..pluss meeting all butterflies..weewitt!

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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  1. Yeah it was my first time knowing the existence of this product.. hahaha