Monday, May 19, 2014

work out frustration !


Hello Sweeties..

I just want to express my feeling..the last past few weeks I've been working out myself..I starts to exercise every evening..I starts with skipping 300x times a day..I do cardio exercise..I do squat..and what so ever..I mean I think I spend 2 hours daily for exercise..I know it is good right..THUBS UP for this good habit..

What I mean by frustration is when I come back home and weight myself on the scale weight..guess what?? My expectation is my weight are gonna be low but instead I gain more!! SEDIHHH NANGIS!!

picture source: google

This is how I feels right now!!

Am I doing something wrong with my exercise or what..My eating habit was the previous..hurmm
I think I have to start with 'extreme diet' lahh..because a body like mine is not easy to go slim n have to work harder and sacrifice more! 

but still, Don't give up pika!! you can do it....


Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥



  1. Pikaaaaa, please don't give up. I'm here to always support you from behind. You're the best. You're beautiful in your own way. I love you the way you are. ;)

    1. AWHHH!! So Sweet fana!! Thank you soo much ;)
      I love you too..thanks for the support..muahhmuahh..

  2. Pika..pertama sekali jgn putus asa yea..kedua, kurangkan makan nasi..ketiga, mkn sayur dan buah2 byk plus air putih..
    dan teruskan senaman. Akk dgn abg Giorgio pun tgh diet skrg, yg best abg giorgio dlm masa 2minggu dah turun 10kg..dia mmg jaga betul makan dia..mula2 dulu mmg susah utk control mkn tp lepas kitaorg try makan ILANGSING sebotol dua terus lepas itu boleh control makan dgn sendirinya..dia akan buat kita rasa kenyang tp yg penting mkn buah,sayur dan air putih..jgn putus asa itu yg perlu skrg ini..teruskan usaha yea..akk sentiasa sokong pika..dptkan berat badan yg ideal utk tubuh kita..:)

    1. Akak! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tips!!
      wahhh..Abg Giorgio dah turun 10kg!! giler lahh,,hebat2!!
      Inshaallah..pika akan teruskan usaha dan kawal permakanan pika..
      pika pun berharap pika dapat memliki badan yg sihat dan ideal..

      Thank you soooo much!! MUAHH MUAHH!

  3. pikaaaa dont give up! biarpun berat tak turun tapi i'm sure all the exercises will help you burn those unwanted fats and burn the calories ^_^ it better to have a healthy body composition, kurus tu hal lain. apa guna kurus kalau banyak penyakit kan? hehe! I'm proud of you, boleh kekal buat exercise sehari 2 jam. Mieza dah berzaman tak exercise, I need to do it!

    1. AWWHHH!! Thank you mieza for that supportive advice!! I gain my confident back..Thank you..
      Okay, I will keep it up my best and what so ever..
      thanks for support me..MUAHH MUAHH!

  4. hi ur silence reader...just nak bg support..don't mom ada join aerobic kat hospital when she undergo her physiotherapy...trainer tu kata mmg normal mula2 exercise u will gain weight...jgn risau...jadi mcm tu sbb u tgh gain muscle jd akan jd berat ble muscle dah mantap...once muscle dah fit br akan burn unwanted fat...time tu baru berat akan turun....just sabar and continue with your routine...u will achieve ur goal :)

    1. Thank you so much! thanks for your support and Great advice..!!
      ni yang buat pika lebih bersemangat ni..
      Thanks sangat2..and thanks for reading my blog as well :)

  5. hi dear... i know how u feel... kite sameeee!!!! body like emmmm 'us' hard to get slim kan... i sampai beli dumbbell lagi (sbb i jenis prefer senaman angkat2 berat drpd joging bagaihhh) tapi bila timbang still x brubah peffftttt!! mcm nak give up pun ade tp deep inside 'if i work hard i know i can achieve what i always wanted'.... chayo chayo pika.... im here with you n lets start the journey of healthy lifestyle together :)