Thursday, May 08, 2014

Feeling Nerdy with New Glasses


Hello Sweeties, 

I had problem with my sight since I was in high school but at that time I was so stubborn and I hate wearing a glasses and ever since I learn on how to wear contact lenses I become more lazy wearing glasses.. but nowwww, I have started My Kuliah and everyday was a hectic day, I have to woke up in the morning because everyday my kuliah starts in the morning and I was too lazy to put on my lenses everyday..SOoo finally I decide to make a new glasses for me My self..yeayyyy!!
Glad My Dad give me a permission to make one..ngeheheee..

What do you think of my mirror selfie with new glasses...

I bought this glasses at Optical Store at Merlimau, Melaka only..ahahaa..Why so far..Since I studied here so I just find the nearest optical store at my place..the store name Meteor Optical, Merlimau..

This glasses brand was ZIP Eyewear.. Hahahahaa..I don't know if you ever heard about this glasses brand but the promoter claims that this glasses was made in Korea with a good quality plus I was fall in love with the design!! At first I don't really like it because I want something that have a really good quality and good brand with it but as far as I search..nothing suitable for me I mean I already fall in love with this glasses design..I don't mind to spend a little money for something that have good quality and material..but apakan daya..the other brand do not have this design..Nak tak nak I beli jewww..I spend RM3** only for this glasses and I think it worth :)

Here some tips for you to choose what design of glasses that suitable according to your face shape..

SELFIE..dekat kedai pun jadi....

another reason I choose to buy this glasses because I saw one of cute sales man wearing the same design of glasses also..hahahaa..Thanks to him as well..kekekekeee... *ada udang disebalik batu ni..kekekeee :P

Thank you for reading this ♥♥♥


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